I’ve always been a reader, devouring several books a week. As a kid, I loved The Chronicles of Narnia and Watership Down. However, the desire to write sparked inside of me when I read Anne McCaffrey’s “The White Dragon”. I’d already fallen in love with science fiction, but what I admired most was richness of character. Holding that book in my hands, I could picture my own name on the cover. At the age of just thirteen, I set a goal of becoming an author.

Over the years, I wrote hundreds of short stories. I even started two novels and completed a novelette. A journal sat on my nightstand, ready to capture every idea and dream. I wrote almost constantly! However, despite encouragement from my English teachers, my writing got pushed to the back burner when I became an adult. Funny how all those dreams of youth wither in the harsh light of maturity …

And then it happened …

LORI was inspired by the wisp of a dream. I don’t remember the details surrounding Lori and Jason, but I saw them so vividly in my dream. I began writing Lori’s story of a young woman in search of Olympic Gold and had a complete outline in no time. The characters became so real and alive; their world simply took on a life of its own.

Halfway through LORI, the struggles of the secondary characters began to speak to me. I identified with Sarah’s self-image problems; felt the agony of James’s past; cried at Mike’s inner turmoil; and was intrigued by Heather’s dominating nature. Before completing LORI, I outlined four more books in what was to become The Circle of Friends series.

Along came the challenge…

I knew little of the publishing world, but understood that finding a publishing house or agent would be extremely difficult. Add the fact that LORI needed to coincide with the Summer Olympics and I realized it would be years before my first book became a reality going that route. So I found a publisher to put my book together for me and LORI was released late spring of 2004. SARAH came out the next year, followed by JAMES in 2006. I steadily built a fan base and my sales were even good enough to garner an invite to Book Expo in DC. The fourth book and my current release, MIKE, has benefited tremendously from my experience with the first three books and aggressive Internet promotion. One more book will follow, HEATHER, and after much research into marketing and publishing, I have decided to start my own publishing company for this final book. I intend to take on other authors as well as publish books of my own, too.

Inspired to give …

I always dreamed of making a difference in the world. I participated in a motivational training program that taught success principals, a positive attitude and goal setting, so I poured a lot of that into my books. The theme of my series is overcoming obstacles through friendship and love. So many books out there today, especially those geared towards young adults, are negative and salacious. I wanted my series to uplift and inspire! I wanted people to read my books and realize they could accomplish their dreams, too.

Now encouraging emails and cards from fans motivate me to continue writing. They have become my inspiration. And hopefully along the way I can spark the dream in another future author!

L. Diane Wolfe

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