It’s that time of day again. Your stomach howls, growls, and grumbles and your mind begins cooking up a tantalizing array of possibilities of what to eat. Many people consider cooking to be a chore or something messy and time consuming, so out of the ethers appear the microwavable dinners and moveable feasts. It doesn’t matter much what’s really in the box or bag as long as it serves the purpose of being fast and easy. This doesn’t necessarily translate into something that’s going to be truly nourishing to your body, mind or spirit.

We live in a time when cooking shows are hugely popular, chefs are big TV stars and yet less and less people really cook. Everyone wants top of the line kitchen appliances in their homes, yet do they really use them or are they just for display, like ghost place settings at a table in a model home? I’m Greek. We feed people. I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb knowing how to cook. It was a prerequisite for birth. And certainly I needed those skills to be able to work in the family business which was restaurants of course.I’ve fed a lot of people in my lifetime both with real food and with spiritual food. During the course of this “feeding,” I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “How do you do that?” I reply, “I talk to it.” And I do. Literally. I’m a spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. I’m a psychic. I talk to a lot of people that others may say aren’t even there. But of course they are. My body of work has to do with what is called vibrational attunement. This is simply a balancing of mind, body and spirit.My goal with “Voice of the Angels Cookbook – Talk To Your Food! – Intuitive Cooking” is to give people easy and healthy alternatives to mystery food loaded with chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients. I also stirred in a little of the spiritual realm into the basic cookie dough because, while cooking and eating is something very “root chakra,” we just can’t ignore all of our other energy centers. Let’s lift up this experience a little bit and bring it through our whole body instead of just through our mouths.We live in a time when balance seems ever elusive, no matter how hard we strive for it. How can we change this? Take something very basic, such as cooking and eating, and instead of doing it mindlessly and without joy, do it in a way in which we are fully present. This begins to open a pathway for transformation on both physical and spiritual levels. With a little mixing, stirring and gently folding in, we can achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Dyan Garris the author of VOICE OF THE ANGELS COOKBOOK – TALK TO YOUR FOOD: INTUITIVE COOKING. You can visit her website at http://www.voiceoftheangels.com/. If you would like to purchase Dyan’s book at Amazon, click here.

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