DEVIL’S ORCHESTRA by Sydney Molare

It’s funny how I get ideas for books. I’m a veterinarian by profession and I’d participated in interviews for potential students into the states veterinary medical program. On the way home, one of my students, who happened to be interviewing for a slot, and I began talking about the ridiculous things going on in the world. Now this was just after Janet Jackson showed the world what she was working with and Brittney Spears and Madonna thought lip-locking in front of millions of children was a great idea.

I realized how greedy our society was for the vulgar, the uncouth, the over-the-top dramatical (thanks Flava Flav) actions people were doing. And the worse part was people were actually defending this vulgarity as if were defensible. We’ve white-washed some sins to the point of having a generation believe some things aren’t sins in the first place.

During the four hour ride, the radio was on, and one of my unfavorite radio personalities, Rush Limbaugh, was on spewing his skewed opinions. I have to take him in small sessions since there is his right and the rest of you. Of course, that tune changed when it was his hinny in the sling.

Seeds for the book began sprouting as I had this one thought: What would these same celebrities say if the devil showed up and had them review their lives? Mind you, they had been on the radio, television and magazines defending their positions/actions down to the nth degree, would they have the same viewpoint if they were placed in the ultimate judgment situation?

Of course, the devil couldn’t show up horned, cloven-hooved and smelling of brimstone. I wanted to make him human. Scripture tells us he was beautiful and I wanted people to realize the devil just might show up looking like you and me.

In the end, Devil’s Orchestra is my wake-up call to our society. I use the category title quasi-Christian fiction. That’s because the message is spicy but the undertones are spiritual in nature. I’m hoping that every reader will reassess their lives, see how they are living, and figure out whit’s truly important.

Glad you had me over!

Sydney Molare is the author of DEVIL’S ORCHESTRA. You can visit her website at

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