Awakening the Dragon–Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy originally was called Dragon’s New Home. A financial issue with an unethical publisher was the deciding factor in my rewriting and renaming it. Looking back, I am grateful to the publisher. Although it was a good book in the beginning, Awakening the Dragon is a stronger and better crafted book. Not only did I add a ghostly presence, but also I established a storyline that would be woven through the sequels–Dragon Domain, which is already available and Return of the Dragon Tribe, which will be released spring 2008. I write about the magic of this world and others. However, the setting doesn’t matter as much as the spiritual and emotional challenges that the characters must grow through.

Most of my work is inspired by life and my ability to not only question, but to listen to the answers. The what-ifs of life are the basis of the best stories every told. Growing up I would create my own characters for my favorite TV shows and fantasize about the how I would make the story different. When it was time to return to reality, the characters and plots were radically different than when I started. One of my English professors once said there hasn’t been in a new plot in over two thousand years, but it is the way the writer perceives the plot and creates the characters that make the story unique. There is nothing new about bigotry, romance or betrayal, until you see it through fresh eyes or you lift the mirror and see it in your own. The characters that I have brought through me are magical, but not because they create magic. Instead, they represent the commonness that we all share that in itself makes us unique. We are all capable of making miracles happen if we chose to have the courage to believe and have faith. Each of us contains the Divine spark that makes us exceptional. If we could just remember to look for it in other, most of the pain we cause ourselves and others would be avoided, but so would most of the good stories.

Awakening the Dragon Clan Trilogy is available at Amazon.

To read an excerpt go here:


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