MY DEAREST FRIEND by Hazel Statham

Part of the premise for ‘My Dearest Friend’ came from a dream. I have very vivid dreams and after watching a programme about the Peninsular War, I dreamt that a girl, desperate to rescue her seriously wounded brother from Portugal, approached a duke to help her to bring him home. I started writing the book at, what is now, part way through the first chapter and then put it aside.

I didn’t take it up again for quite a while but when I had to finish working through ill health, I resurrected it from my files. Reading through what I had written, I was much struck by Robert’s grief and decided that he deserved a happier life. However, as a man of intense emotions, who loved deeply and protected fiercely, there were many obstacles for him to clear to achieve true contentment. In Jane he found his perfect companion but the treachery of another conspired against them.

It is an emotionally charged book and at times there appears no hope for reconciliation when the couple are driven apart. How much can a heart endure before it’s irreparably broken?

Hazel Statham is the author of the historical fiction, My Dearest Friend.  You can visit her website at and her blog at


2 thoughts on “MY DEAREST FRIEND by Hazel Statham

  1. Talking about ideas for novels: I was reading a book about the myths and supernatural beliefs of ancient cultures, and came across this: the Norse people, or Vikings, believed in a certain type of ghost, which was that of an unwanted child left out in the snow to die. It was believed that this child ghost would sometimes come back to take revenge on his or her parents for leaving them to perish. When I read it, I wanted to construct a story in which someone found the unwanted abandoned babies, or children, and took them in. It was such a vile cruel thing to think of. From that beginning I wrote “Outcasts of Skagaray”. I would love to hear what readers think of it.

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