HEAVING BOSOMS by Ashlyn Chase

Heaving Bosoms. Sounds like words in a bodice ripper romance from the seventies, right? Well, with my irreverent tongue firmly in my cheek, I thought, wouldn’t that make a wonderful title for a romantic comedy? Oh, yes. I must remember that one. So I typed it into my idea file.

Now, I should let you know that my idea file is only for me. Therefore, I can put my most wackadoodle ideas in there without editing myself.

Sometimes I go back and shake my head at something I had thought was brilliant and hit the poof button before I make anyone groan. That’s what I call ‘delete.’ So, I let the title sit in my folder, didn’t want to make it go poof, and then one day a friend was telling me a story and I realized, Ah HA! This is the perfect story for a title like Heaving Bosoms.

Here’s the explanation in a nutshell. My dear friend and fellow writer Liana went to a fair with her mother one fine summer day. They were simply walking along and chatting when Liana suddenly disappeared from view! She had fallen into a hole and twisted her ankle. Much to her chagrin, two hunky EMT’s showed up to take her to the hospital. Thank goodness it was only a sprain.

In the retelling of this story, another writer and friend said to Liana, “Well, if you weren’t so top-heavy, you would have stayed upright instead of falling over.” My funny title sprang to mind and the rest is history—or a contemporary romantic comedy, as it were.

Ashlyn Chase is the author of the romantic comedy, Heaving Bosoms (Cerridwen Press, Dec. ’07).  You can visit her website at http://www.ashlynchase.com/ or her blog at http://www.ashlynchase.blogspot.com/.

Ashlyn’s virtual book tour is brought to you by Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours at http://www.pumpupyourbookpromotion.com/ and choreographed by Jean Lauzier.

If you would like to win a free copy of Heaving Bosoms, leave a comment and you will be eligible!  Winners will be announced here!

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9 thoughts on “HEAVING BOSOMS by Ashlyn Chase

  1. Thanks for inviting me to your blog! ANd guess what? There’s a sequel! Quivering Thighs will be released Friday, Feb. 8th from Elloras Cave! http://www.ellorascave.com

    This just in! The first review for Quivering Thighs!!!

    This sequel to Heaving Bosoms stands alone, but I guess it would be even more fun if you read the earlier book.

    Kendra’s doberman Brando is a worthy addition. The author gives us a great cast of supporting characters….And there’s some real nail-biting tension, along with a laugh or two… Kendra’s Vegas past and spelling problems are truly unique, making this an enjoyable read.

    Overall rating: 4 Hearts
    Sensuality rating: Explicit
    Reviewer: Lynn Bushey for The Romance Studio
    February 4, 2008

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