In 2005, I (Rachel Greene Baldino) had published a relationship/self-help/anger management book with a very small publishing company that ended up going out of business in 2006. I still believed in the message of that book, however, and periodically, I would “shop the concept around” to literary agents. One literary agent out in Sacramento, CA, named Andrea Hurst expressed some mild interest in the ideas contained in that previously published book, but she was more interested in pitching me as a potential writer to an editor she knew about a different relationship-oriented project. So, at her suggestion, I submitted a mini-proposal to that editor and was later invited to be one of two writers to work on the book. Judy Ford,, a Seattle-based therapist, artist and the best-selling author of several self-help books, is the co-author of the book. Judy has successfully counseled many couples (as well as individuals and families), over the course of her long and distinguished career as a therapist. In brief, Andrea Hurst took me on as a client, and the editors of The Complete Idiot’s Guide series  at Penguin offered me a book contract to co-author the book with Judy. It was an exciting time, a dream come true!

Once the ball got rolling, it all happened very fast. Just to give you a sense of the time-line: I sent my initial query letter to Andrea Hurst about in November of 2006. She told me about the project she wanted me to submit a proposal for in December. I actually submitted the proposal and got the book contract during the usually very quiet “publishing world” week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Judy and I researched and co-wrote the book in the first half of 2007. It was intense but exciting, and of course the subject matter is very interesting. The further we progressed in our collaborative writing process, the more we could see just how many people our book would help, and that inspired us to keep writing more and more. The book was out of our hands by the summer time, at which point it was edited by the Penguin editorial team, and published on December 4, 2007.

The book is part of the Complete Idiot’s Guide series, which is published by Alpha, an imprint of The Penguin Group, and it is called The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Enhancing Sexual Desire. Obviously, a book like this is for mature readers only, even though it is neither excessively explicit nor graphic in nature. Rather, it is filled with many playful, commitment-enhancing, intimacy-building, divorce-preventing, desire-boosting tips and strategies for all monogamous couples who want to recapture the vitality and passion of their honeymoon phase, whether they have been together for one year or ten years or thirty years or longer.

Rachel Greene Baldino and Judy Ford are the authors of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Enhancing Sexual Desire.  You can visit their websites at www.rachelgbaldino  and


3 thoughts on “THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO ENHANCING SEXUAL DESIRE by Rachel Greene Baldino and Judy Ford

  1. Isn’t it amazing where things sometimes lead. I’m glad the two of you hooked up because this sounds like a great book!

    Best of luck as you continue your journey through the blogosphere.


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