ACROSS TIME by Linda Kay Silva

I have always been fascinated by the concept of past lives. There are just too many inexplicable things in the universe that can’t be covered by “miracles” or science. A couple of years ago, on a lark, I had my past lives read. I was at the boardwalk and it sounded like something fun to do. I told the reader nothing about myself, so when we sat down for the reading I was a complete stranger who didn’t really take any of this seriously. The woman proceeded to tell me that I had once been a German warrior. I was a little amazed and surprised because I have a tattoo of a warrior on my back (that she could not see) and I was fluent in German. The language came up so easily to me, I had to take college German in high school. Anyway, as the reading went on, she looked right in my face and said, “There is a reason you hate circuses.” My friend who was with me almost fell off her chair. It was impossible for this woman to know that I hated circuses. I hate everything about the circus. I hate the smell, I hate clowns, I hate all of it, up and yet, I have never been. Not once.

When I was eight years old, my parents tried to take me to the circus, but I fought like a wild Banshee when they tried to get me into the car. I fought so hard, they eventually stopped trying and made me stay home. They never took me to the circus, and I never went, but I hate it nonetheless. I couldn’t even tell you why I hate the circus, especially since it is clearly an irrational fear based on…on what? So you can imagine my surprise when she went on to explain why I was afraid of the circus, but that’s a story for another day.

I was hooked.

This, in and of itself, did not win me over. I was a skeptic. I thought psychics and mediums were kooks who took gullible people’s money. It took a second reading in another state by a different psychic at another boardwalk before I was convinced that they saw something (or someone) in me that I never saw. One said I had lived 83 lives, the other said 82. Coincidence? I don’t know. I no longer believe in coincidences. Anyway, about that time, I began teaching medieval history, and we spent a lot of time on the druids. I fell in love everything about them. I have always had an affinity for nature, and so I appreciated their approach to spirituality and their connection to the land.

I think that was when Cate, the druid priestess in my story, began to unfold. Little by little, I could feel her rattling around upstairs, and I knew there was a story brewing. I call that the fermenting process. It happens when there’s a story cooking somewhere deep inside the recesses of my mind. I can feel it. I can see the fuzzy shadows of it, but it’s not yet ready. It took her about a year and ½ before she could bring the story to full bloom. Cate was ready to tell her tale, but she needed a narrator, and Jessie Ferguson was born. It was time to let Jessie run with the story.

I am fascinated by time. Time is the most important currency in my life. I love the fact that, as great as mankind believes itself to be, time is the final frontier we have been incapable of mastering. Writers like myself have more leeway when writing about time travel because no one has proof about anything where time is concerned. Oh sure, there are a lot of theories, but theories are nothing more than suppositions, and writers can run like the wind when there are no real facts or evidence.

I didn’t want to write a book that dealt with physical time travel, as I don’t have the necessary background in quantum physics to really give it a go. That’s when my two psychic readings came back and tapped on my forehead that I had a story to tell that would touch other people and help them remember their past lives. Instead of sending my characters through time physically, I decided to send their souls through instead.
You see, I have fallen in love with the idea of soul mates. I have always been fascinated by the concepts of love at first sight, of five year olds who can play Beethoven, of people who come out of comas fluent in a foreign language. What other explanation is there when we meet someone for the first time, yet they feel so familiar, so comfortable to us? This has happened to so many of us and yet we will pass it off as a coincidence. We have stopped listening to that inner voice that comes from somewhere; that voice that has more experience than what we’ve lived in this life. Suddenly, I had so many more questions. Where do our phobias come from? How is it we know some of the things we know, yet have never learned? Recently, a ten-year-old graduated from medical school. As a teacher, I can tell you that a ten-year-old is not developmentally ready to learn anything in medical school, and yet, more than one child under the age of 15 has done remarkable things that many people would call miraculous. In our culture, if something amazing can’t be proven by science, we call it a miracle. I think the word is a cop out. What’s miraculous to me is the fact that we bring with us residual memories of our past lives and don’t acknowledge them.

Jessie acknowledges them in Across Time and must choose to either hear the call for help from who she used to be or close forever that door to another time, when she was another being.

With my love of history, my curiosity about time, and the idea about past lives and the residual memories we hold from them, I wrote the first in a series of novels that will take Jessie Ferguson from the first century AD, to 16th century England under Queen Elizabeth, to ancient Egypt, and into the jungles of the Viet Nam War. What Jessie learns from the druids in the first novel is just a tiny piece of the wisdom and knowledge she is going to need to face the other tasks at hand.

It is my hope that when readers finish the novel, they consider all those déjà vu moments and inexplicable flashes of memories we each have and ask themselves whether or not they are courageous enough to travel Across Time.

Linda Kay Silva is the author of the paranormal novel, Across Time.  You can visit her website at

5 thoughts on “ACROSS TIME by Linda Kay Silva

  1. Great post Linda. I think my first exposure to druids and fairies came from the work of Lucy Maud Montgomery and Anne Shirley’s imagination. I’ve wish at times that I could open my mind enough to accept that kind of thinking, but, alas, it probably won’t happen. I like to believe in miracles.

    Now you have me curious, why do you hate the circus? Maybe you’ll share that story with me one day.

    Best of luck on the tour!


  2. Cheryl-
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Okay…the reason, according to one psychic, was that I was a trapeze artist in a circus and one day, my partner failed to catch me, so I plummetted to my death.
    Now…when I was little…too little to have the hand or upper body strength to do so, I was like a little monkey on the playground bars. It was uncanny the way I could flip and twirl around…but whenever anyone got near me, I jumped off, done.

    As an interesting side note, my family knows about my fear of circuses and yetm recently, when I was in Orlando, they surprised me with tickets to Circue Du Soleil.
    I did NOT want to go.
    They then assured me that there were no clowns in this.
    The first 12 people walking out were clowns.
    I hung in there, though, (sweaty palms and all) and loved it.
    Still hate the clowns (especiialy those on stilts), but the show was amazing!
    Thanks for coming on by!

  3. Past lives, the concept of multiple dimensions and spirits living on have fed my imagination since childhood, driving my need to write. Reading other authors interpretations of these beliefs, feelings and happenings always inspires me.

    Best Wishes on your book tour.


  4. Very interesting post. I, too, find the concept of past lives exciting and love crossing time. It will be fun to read your book and cross time from your point of view.


  5. Malcon, Lurre, and Cheryl-

    I think there are more of us who believe this way than we realize. I find that death isn’t scary when one believes there will be another life beyond this one.

    Another life I can wrap my mind around.
    The concept of heaven?
    Not so much.

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