Outing the Goddess Within by Anita Revel

Anita Revel, author of Outing the Goddess Within, is touring with Pump Up Your Books Promotion this month.  When asked how she came up with the idea for her book, here’s what she told us. 

It was Christmas and I was feeling slightly homesick the first time I wrote a lengthy letter home to all my friends on the east coast of Australia. Having moved to the west coast a year prior, I was going through one of those moments of regret – I’d moved to the country to find a man, (it worked for a popular TV character in an Australian series called Sea Change, after all), but at the same time I was feeling insanely jealous of the Sex and the City girls living it up in New York City. I was torn between retuning to the exciting city life or sticking it out in the country for another year.  

The letter home was peppered with my frustrations at the lack of men and good coffee, but talked about the happiness I felt when experiencing the natural beauty of living beach-side, the easy drive to work, the affordable housing and room to swing my pet cow in the laundry. 

That letter home was the start of my writing career. I got such a thrill watching the words flow onto my laptop screen and an entertaining story develop. Each time a friend replied to my letter with a heartfelt and lengthy account of their own lives I realized the power of words – the more genuine the words the more effectively they connected the reader with the writer. 

Later, that letter was reworked to become the chapter “Self-reliant, like the goddess Circe” in the book Outing the Goddess Within, One Girl’s Journey With 52 Guides (Amazon.com)

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