The telephone rings. It is my client “Carol” calling promptly at the appointed hour. I answer on the second ring and we embark on our journey of the clairvoyant psychic reading.

This has been a part of what I do for so long it is even hard to remember when it all really started. When the phone rings I am already in my trance. I have connected to Carol’s higher guidance and angels before she called; so when she asks me why she can’t manifest money, I am not surprised at the question.

But I do wish she could see what I see in her energy field. I wish she could see all of the blocks she has regarding money and manifesting. She can’t. So it is my job to interpret and bring the information to her in a way she can process, understand, implement, and integrate into her life.

Carol tells me that she has followed the advice she learned in The Secret and wrote herself a whopping check for several million dollars. She put it in a place where she can see it every day and think positive thoughts about it. She even wrote herself a deposit slip in anticipation of this particular sum of money coming into her life. And she’s waited and waited. But so far nothing has happened in this direction. In fact, she has even lost business.

This is part of why I wrote Money and Manifesting. It’s an extension of what I already do, bringing forth information in such a way that people can integrate it. But I wanted to reach a larger audience because in order to survive here we need to understand and remember the truths of who we are and what we’re really doing here. And I wanted to teach people the real secrets of manifesting. People have been sold half of the story. I wanted to give them the whole story.

There is no reason why we cannot create everything we desire. Often we are exactly what stands in our own way of achieving this. We cannot create from the ego-self, which is the place of wants, needs, and desires. We cannot create and manifest using just the power of our minds. There is much more to it than that.

And there is another story behind the book. It is actually a story that is inside of the book. I fictionalized parts of the book so that the brain could have an opportunity to shift from linear thinking to conceptualized thinking to integrative learning. This is what has the power to transform. While you are enjoying the story, you are also identifying with the characters as well as learning to integrate the information about how to manifest. This is the real secret.

Dyan Garris is the author of Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards, The Book of Daily Channeled Messages, Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking, and Fish Tale of Woe – Lost at Sea. In 2005 she created a series of music and meditation CDs for healing, Automatic Chakra Balance,™ and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit.

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4 thoughts on “MONEY AND MANIFESTING: THE REAL SECRET by Dyan Garris

  1. Hello Dorothy. It really is a pleasure to be here. I’ll be checking in periodically during the day to answer any questions anyone may have about the book or about manifesting.

  2. Thanks Cheryl. Credit where credit is due. I co-create everything with Source. It wasn’t really my idea. LOL! I just follow the directions. I won’t spoil the story, but at the end there is something to do with a card. When I was writing it, I had absolutely no idea what that card meant. I had to look it up and I can tell you I was just astounded. I sat there in complete amazement for about ten minutes, with my jaw dropped to the floor. I’ve had some people say they just wanted the information and I’ve had some people say they just wanted the story. And I’ve had some people who really appreciated the integration of the two. What I’ve come to discover too, is that wherever you stop reading the book is where you’re blocked. Writing the book really was an interesting journey, particularly since I never wrote a character in my life before this. The directions from above were to just write them. So I did. I had no idea how they were all going to interact. I just let it unfold. I have to say the whole thing was a completely amazing experience.

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