CHOICES, MY SECRETS by Thomas Bounds

Looking back I was not sure if I could do it. I was never big on writing and really was not sure where and how to start. I asked my sister, who loves to write, if she could write it for me. I told her my thoughts and she asked me to write them down and then send them to her. So I did that and before I knew it I had completed the story as a draft. Before I knew it my quest had begun. I did it or did I? It took me time to get up the nerve to ask someone to read it. I thought, of course, who would read something I wrote? Why would this help anyone?

On the day that I started Choices, I had a completely different title for it. I called it “A Front Seat View”.

Why? The purpose, I guess, in my mind, was what I wanted to give my son and daughter. Who wouldn’t want to give their child a glimpse of what life’s choices can bring? My daughter at the time was constantly asking me if she could sit in the front seat of the car when we go on drives or to the store and I always told her, not yet, wait until you are older. Then one day she asked me, “Why Daddy?” I explained, it was the law that when you are 9 you can sit in the front seat. She looked at me shaking her head, then she responded with a pretty strong question. “Daddy don’t you want me to see where I am going so if you get lost I can help you find your way?”

I thought about that long and hard. “Yes, I do want you to learn that. That is exactly what I want you to learn.”

Wow! A front seat view could be helpful. God offers us this with stories from the Bible. Indeed, we have clearer vision and insight from reading the Bible, but do we use that to our advantage?

Choices, My Secrets simply lays out a view of one’s choices and the consequences of them. So the readers can see where they may need to turn so they don’t make similar choices. Learning one’s path is not so bad when it develops a better understanding of that choice and its potential consequences.

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