From Blank Page to Book Shelves–How to Successfully Create and Market Your Book was written not only to help other writers improve their craft, but also to help them navigate the business end of the industry. The first part of the book gives writing tips about characterization, plots and how to create conflict. The middle helps the authors understand the publishing process. The last has marketing and promotional advice.

My first poem was written to my mother as a Mother’s Day gift. Since then I have been hooked. After high school, I took a year off to write a best selling novel. It was a sci-fi with magical and romantic undertones. However, while writing it I realized how little I knew, which is why I decided to further my education. At Michigan State University, I studied not only fiction, but also script and play writing. Although the formats are all different, they share the same need for strong characters, plots and conflict. Without these three aspects, the author cannot tell a successful story.

The first part of the From Blank Page to Book Shelves describes the basics of story crafting. Every story has a fundamental format. I not only describe the process, but I also give examples. I talk about the traditional conflict themes and give examples; however, I added one theme of my own that goes beyond what the text books teach. I had always thought creating character profiles was something that every writer just normally did; however, after talking to many writers I learned that I was mistaken. It amazed me to learn how little they knew about the people they created. How can you introduce someone to your readers when you don’t know them yourself? When I create a character, I know it from the inside out. It is not enough to know what they look like, you need to know their hopes, dreams and more importantly their fears. Other topics I cover are point of view and creating your own style or voice.

The second part of the book helps authors understand the legalities of the industry. Copyright, whether from the federal government or the Writer’s Guild, establishes ownership of the work. This section also helps the writer define her or his publishing expectations. In addition, with all the unethical publishers cruising to take advantage, this section helps the author to ask the right questions. It is much easier to get into a contract than it is to get out of one.

Marketing, promotions, and getting into bookstores is covered in the final section. Writing is the easy part of the process. Creating interest through marketing and promotions will take up most of the author’s time and energy. I have added chapters on what bookstores look for and how to correctly use search engine keywords. How a book is presented to the reading public will determine how successful it will be.
From Blank Page to Book Shelves–How To Success Create and Publish Your Book is available on my website at for 7.00; if you buy it during the tour, I will also send 345 page listing of over 2000 independent bookstores. It is also part of the Amazon Kindle program.

Theresa Chaze is the author of From Blank Page to Book Shelves.  You can visit her website at

3 thoughts on “FROM BLANK PAGE TO BOOK SHELVES by Theresa Chaze

  1. Thank you for hosting me. When I wrote From Blank Page to Book Shelves, my goals was to help other authors learn from my mistakes and to share writing tips. When you start a book, do you have a conscious goal in mind or do you let the story unfold as it will?

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