Journey from Head to Heart:  Living and Working Authentically began as a small book of poetry which I halfheartedly tried to get published about ten years ago and then set aside. I decided the difference I was to make would come through one-on-one coaching with people who wanted to change their lives, not through writing books.


After I had been coaching for several years, my daughter-in-law called and asked if she and her friend could study with me to learn my process. Honored, I worked with them over several week-ends for a couple of years. During this time, to assist their learning, I wrote out my process in the form of a series of week-end workshops.


But when it came time to work out the business agreement, we couldn’t do it. I wanted to protect my intellectual property, and they didn’t want any constraints on what they did with the work. My daughter-in-law’s friend finally said, “If you would just write a book, then we could do whatever we want.”


She was right. So that’s what I did.


The writing took a year and a half, working with a literary consultant with years of experience. At one time I actually had two manuscripts, which eventually came together as one. Then my literary consultant morphed into my agent. For about a year she took the proposal to one major publishing house after another, with only rejections to show for her efforts. I knew that something had to change.


I also knew that what had to change was me, so at the last minute, I decided to take a break and register for a women’s retreat. My stated heart’s desire during the retreat was to find a publisher for my book. When the workshop leader brought to my attention how weak my voice was when I talked about publication, I realized that my own lameness was my problem. But I still didn’t know what to do about it.


Also attending the retreat was the owner of, Irene Watson, whom I met through a friend who had gone to the retreat with me. When she heard my plight, Irene offered to review the manuscript. Following the retreat, I sought her advice about changing agents, since my current agent had no results for a year of effort. Instead, Irene contacted a publisher she had worked with, Victor Volkman of Loving Healing Press in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He asked to see the manuscript. By then, thanks to Irene’s good advice, it had undergone a thorough editing. He loved the editing first (less work for him) and the content, as well. The rest, as they say, is history.


Each of the phases this book went through was necessary. Looking back, I see it was important for me to keep moving—to be willing to let go of the phase I had completed and open to the next one. This wasn’t always easy, but I see now that the process was perfectly designed for success.


Nancy Oelklaus is the author of JOURNEY FROM HEAD TO HEART.  You can visit her website at

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