BIKINI SEASON by Sheila Roberts: “…writing a book about this subject was like writing about myself.”

When my editor suggested writing a book about women supporting each other through the fat wars, little did she know that she was asking me to write about my life. Only a few months before two good friends and I had joined together and formed what we called a diet triage, e-mailing our weekly goals, walking together, yanking firmly when one of us wandered too close to a candy shop. So writing a book about this subject was like writing about myself. Well, to some extent. I’m not worried about my husband cheating. But a lot of the other adventures in my book – sneaking into the cookies, mixing diet pills and diet pop and winding up at the emergency room strapped to a bunch of equipment – those are mine. I think most of us women have, at one time or other, grappled with that four letter word, diet. I also think the best way to overcome bad eating and exercise habits and forge new ones is with the support of friends. In fact, the best way to do anything is with friends.

And that’s what I enjoyed most about writing this book. Each woman in it has her own battle to fight. Erin needs to lose weight to fit into her wedding gown – not an easy feat with an old childhood crush distracting her. Angela has let herself go and now she’s got to shed those extra pounds before she loses her husband to the office hottie. Megan wants to lose weight but she needs to find her self-esteem. Then there’s Kizzy, who has to lose her bad eating habits if she’s going to keep her health, and whose misguided husband is sabotaging her diet efforts at every turn. Obviously, each woman has a different diet destination, but they make the journey together. No one turns in her ticket and turns back, and that’s because these women have each other. I think it’s the same in real life. We may not have the strength to battle something alone, but with our girlfriends walking alongside us we’ve got power. Chick power. Friendship is one of God’s greatest gifts, and I’m thankful for every one of mine. So, what better thing to celebrate in a book!

Sheila Roberts is the author of BIKINI SEASON. You can visit her website at
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4 thoughts on “BIKINI SEASON by Sheila Roberts: “…writing a book about this subject was like writing about myself.”

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