RELATIONSHIP MAGIC by Edythe Denkin, PhD.: “Truth be told, I wrote this book mostly for men…”

I guess I have always wanted to be a princess…I have always been interested in Princess Stories and watched all the movies and read all the books I could. Every movie I saw, every book I read, I asked myself. What happens after the wedding? I knew, as a therapist, that Happily Ever After does not come naturally and that it needs work. Truth be told, I wrote this book mostly for men. When a woman has a problem, she is more likely to go to a therapist. Men will often try to do things themselves. This book can help them.

I was a teacher before I was a Family and Relationship Therapist. I learned a lot about how people learn by working with the 3rd and 5th graders in my class. In my work first as a teacher, and then as a therapist for children, I learned early on that people love stories. I saw that kids would learn new concepts better when they heard them in story form. I knew that storytelling would be a better way to get the point across. As a therapist, I knew that story telling goes right to the sub-conscious mind and that the conscious mind does not reject it. I realized that teaching concepts to adults would be hard because adults often fight new concepts, take things personally and want to be right in most situations. A story would take the “fight” out of the process

I wrote this book to be of service and to be of help. I can see from my private practice clients that RELATIONSHIP MAGIC is making an incredible difference in people’s relationships. I want to help other couples with this book. If couples can read this book, they will see that there is hope for them and that they are not alone.

Edythe Denkin Ph.D. is the author of the relationship how to book, RELATIONSHIP MAGIC. You can visit her website at


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