A SPECIAL SUMMER by Victoria Wells: “…I wanted to create something with a bit of a twist.”

I love romance! When did my love affair begin with the genre? I would like to say during my teenage years when I picked up my first Harlequin novel. Suddenly the adventures of Nancy Drew were no longer holding my interest. However, if one believes that we as fetuses interact and have awareness of our outside environment, I’m inclined to believe my affair started, as I lay nestled in the safety of my mother’s womb. You see, my mom an avid reader read during her entire pregnancy. One of her all time favorites she read aloud to me was the historical romance Gone With The Wind.

Having read so many wonderful romance novels I wanted to create something with a bit of a twist. In A Special Summer you’re not going to witness Summer Jackson and Nick Stiles falling in love in two weeks and riding off into the sunset. I wrote a story that I wanted readers to get an understanding of what it truly means to go through the fire for that special person you love. It was important for me to get the point across that we as humans all have flaws no matter how perfect we may appear on the outside. Readers will get a glimpse of a hero that is hurled into a world of uncertainties and doubts, as the heroine is the object of his insecurities. Oftentimes the hero isn’t portrayed as having to show just how vulnerable and jaded love has made him. It’s always the heroine having to deal with trust issues because of a past-failed relationship.

The beauty of this story is that it not only addresses the intimate dynamics of the couple, but that of their tight knit community of family and friends as well. These relationships are woven and intertwined to tell a story of passion, heartbreak, deception, and betrayal. As the story unfolds the reader will witness the redemptive spirit of this story as the power of forgiveness heals two wounded souls, making them one.

Victoria Wells is the author of the multicultural romance novel, A SPECIAL SUMMER. You can visit her website at www.victoria-wells.com or her blog at www.blog.victoria-wells.com.


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