ORGANIC FOR HEALTH by Sandy Powers: “I became my own guinea pig.”

It began in 2005, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumor was located toward the back of the breast close to the chest wall. My best option was a mastectomy. The day before the surgery, the surgeon called.

“Your pre-opt tests came back,” he said. “Your liver enzymes are close to three times higher than normal.”

“What are liver enzymes?” I asked.

“Liver enzymes let us know how healthy the liver is,” he explained. “Surgery is on hold until we run some tests.”

On hold. This malignancy was growing inside me and I was on hold.

The tests were inconclusive.

“Surgery is still risky, ” he warned. “It could make you liver worse.”

At this stage I was more worried about the cancer than the liver so we went ahead. I could not undergo any further cancer treatment after the mastectomy because of my unhealthy liver. Every three months for the next year I took a liver function test. The results were always the same: liver enzymes three times higher than normal. My doctor wanted to begin treatment for the liver. During this year of recovery from the mastectomy, I was not idle. I read hundreds of medical journals, poured through hundreds of research studies, and read dozens of books on nutrition.

“Give me six months,” I said to my doctor. “Then I’ll be back.”

I became my own guinea pig.

After the six months passed, I called my doctor to arrange a series of tests. Two weeks later, I sat in his office waiting for the results. He walked in with a puzzled expression.

“Well?” I asked.

“Your tests are normal. Actually better than normal,” he continued. “Your liver enzymes are normal. Your overall cholesterol dropped 40 points. Your good cholesterol went up 40 points. Even your bad cholesterol dropped a few points. What did you do?”

Organic for Health is my research, my amazing results, and my recipes rich in antioxidants and immune boosters. I remain on an organic diet to fight cancer recurrence.

Sandy Powers is the author of ORGANIC FOR HEALTH. You can visit her website at

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4 thoughts on “ORGANIC FOR HEALTH by Sandy Powers: “I became my own guinea pig.”

  1. Just stopping by to say “thanks” of hosting my tour. I have a new book trailer out–Organic for Health by Sandy Powers–on YouTube, AOL, Yahoo, and my website.
    Thanks, again,
    Sandy Powers

  2. I am happy to announce “Organic for Health” is the winner in the Health Category of the National
    2008 Beach Book Festival.

    Thanks, Sandy Powers

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