DISCOVERY IN PASSION by Shiela Stewart: “I took the idea of a ghostly woman, haunting her home and embellished it.”

Some of the stories I’ve written over the years have in part, something to do with a piece of my life. In Discovery in Passion, the tale of a haunted house comes from a home I lived in when I was eight years old. I didn’t learn a great deal of details until years later and pieces of it have wound its way into my story.

The house I lived in was rumored to be haunted by a woman who…things get sketchy here…either was starved to death by her cruel husband or died from a long suffering illness. Either way she dies, the rumor was, she remained in ghost form long after her death. Tales of her range from her ghostly image having coffee or tea in the early morning in the kitchen, her banging around in the kitchen, opening and closing cupboard doors, opening the living room curtains to let in the early morning sunlight, and supplying my baby sister with her mid night bottle.

Did I ever see the supposed ghost? I did indeed, on the day the house went up in flames due to faulty wiring. She stood with me and my little sister and kept me calm while everything I knew and loved went up in flames. My family was saved, but our belongings were not. That woman stayed with me then and has been a part of me ever since.

And so, Discovery in Passion was born.

I mirror the house in Discovery in Passion after that house I lived in during the first part of my childhood. Before the fire I have a great deal of pleasant memories. Times my siblings and I would run and play on the large yard, when my baby sister and I would dress up baby pigs in doll clothes, watching my parents tend to the many cows and pigs that earned them their living. The fire was a traumatic time in my life, one that took years for me to overcome. I always found writing was a form of release for me, and so I sat to write her tale.

I took the idea of a ghostly woman, haunting her home and embellished it. I created Luanne Talbot with her in mind, changing the circumstances of her death to murder suicide which has always been attributed to her son. Because I never really knew how the woman in my house died, my mind raced with ideas. I wanted to create a haunting story that would intruige the reader and keep them turning the page for more. But more so, I wanted to give the reader a love story that develops around the haunting.

Everything in our life happens for a reason, or so I believe. Through the trauma of a horrific ordeal in my childhood, I’ve created something beautiful.

Shiela Stewart is the author of the paranormal romance novel, DISCOVERY IN PASSION. You can visit her website at

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12 thoughts on “DISCOVERY IN PASSION by Shiela Stewart: “I took the idea of a ghostly woman, haunting her home and embellished it.”

  1. Shiela,
    That’s a fantastic way to process through a traumatic event. I wonder if you’ve ever made an effort to find out which story is the right one regarding the woman’s death. I’m just nosy that way.
    Good luck with the book, it sounds like a great read.

  2. Hi Kristen! And thanks! I’m really excited about the entire Darkness series. :)

    I don’t believe it will be available at Chapters but you can find it anywhere on line or at and

    If the story line interests you, then check out either of the above links or my website at for a free read titled, Surrender to the Darkness which begins the tale of Basil and Trinity from the first book in the Darkness series, Seducing the Darkness.
    The free read will be available on July 18th.

  3. Hi Qwillia and thanks!

    Yeah, writing Discovery is like my own person therepy. :)
    I did asked over the years about that woman, but no one seems to know the true story. It’s very frustrating not knowing the truth and that’s why I wrote Discovery. I had Cassie get to the truth because I can’t.

  4. Thank you Kimmie!

    I often hesitate in telling people the real reason I decided to write Disocvery in Passion simply because of the haunted house aspect. I’m continually surprised at how many people are facintated by it. :)

  5. Hi J.K.!

    Yeah, I have plenty of tales inside of me revolving around that particular time in my life, and many others. You never know when you’re reading my books which is taken form actual fact and what is simply fiction. :)

  6. Hi, Shiela,

    I’ve known you as a fellow author for awhile, and I didn’t know the story behind the book. It’s pretty amazing for you to come though that experience and be able to turn it into something ‘beautiful’ as you stated. You go girl! Wonderful story you made, too!


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