BOOMER BABES by Maria Grazia Swan: “This book has been in my blood for eons…”

Where do I begin? This book has been in my blood for eons, no kidding. Back in the 80s, while working to mend my broken heart (divorced after 25 years marriage, the cheating ex was sleeping with under age illegal), I found myself administrating relationships’ advice to the unsuspecting readers of a Southern California magazine. That lasted until my column became more popular than the ‘letters to the editor’. Once that point was reached, I got canned. After that, I filled my ‘single’ evenings with college courses, among them, Creative Writing. Soon I landed another relationship column and then I moved to Arizona and got a Real estate license, guess what? I became the matchmaker-realtor. An article in the Arizona Republic screamed; ‘Buy a House, Get a Date’. My web site, yes, still active. I started to match up my single clients; they loved it and spread the word.

The original version of the book was preachier, less entertaining and was titled Mating and Dating in the Later Years. Well, all my query letters to agents got an enthusiastic thumb up, but after the book proposal reached its destination, the thumbs disappeared inside disappointed nostrils. It finally came to me, the concept was good, the execution poor. Since in my case, lighting always strikes twice, I suddenly remembered one of the Creative Writing important lessons; show me, don’t tell me. That’s how life’s lessons are now taught by the real lovers who survived them. My point of view still surfaces here and there, what can I tell you? I was born the same day (different year) as Mussolini; I’m a dictator at heart and short to boot! Okay, I’m done, buy the book, get a date. Just made that up, makes for a good ending.

Maria Swan is the author of BOOMER BABES: TRUE TALES OF LOVE AND LUST IN THE LATER YEARS. You can visit her website at


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