READ WELL, THINK WELL by Hal W. Lanse, Ph.D.: “..the entire experience was a satisfying but labor-intensive project.”

I’m a longtime reading instructor and teacher trainer. For years I’ve given
workshops to teachers and parents. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback
from parents after my workshops. Parents are aware that their children will
need world-class literacy skills if they are to survive in the information
economy. After my workshops, I’m often asked if I’ve written a book or if I
can recommend one. I never could recommend a good book because most books on reading are filled with confusing jargon and are written in a user-unfriendly manner. (How ironic for books on literacy.)

I never could recommend anything worthwhile to parents. When I conducted
workshops, I would always provide informational packets but these, by their
nature, couldn’t provide the broad spectrum of ideas and activities that I’d
learned over the years. I toyed with the idea of writing a book about
reading—one that parents would find accessible. Finally, I decided I was

I’d published a couple of children’s books, without much success, and when I decided to move onto something new my publisher, who focuses solely on
fantasy novels, recommended me to an agent. In collaboration with my agent, Irene Goodman, I decided at long last to write my book on reading. Irene was phenomenal. For three months she worked closely with me to develop an effective proposal, which included a sample chapter and an outline.

We sold the book and I signed the contract in June of last year. In late
June my publisher asked Irene if I could finish the manuscript by September
1st. Thank heavens for summer vacation! I lived at my desk for two months.
Somehow it all got done. I must have impressed the editor with the speed of
my work because in November, I was asked to produce one more chapter—in two weeks. The entire experience was a satisfying but labor-intensive project.

I’m very proud of the result. I believe that Read Well, Think Well will be
very useful to parents and to teachers, as well. If the book does well, I
hope to write several more books for parents and some books for teens as

Hal W. Lanse, Ph.D. is the author of READ WELL, THINK WELL. You can visit his website at If you’d like to win a copy of Hal’s book, visit Book Marketing Buzz before August 30!


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