LEFT TO DIE by Lisa Jackson: “…I knew I wanted to write a ‘back-woodsy’ kind of story…”

My latest book LEFT TO DIE was an idea that evolved over the years. I knew I wanted to write a “back-woodsy” kind of story peppered with unique characters. I grew up in a small timber town and thought, after writing stories about New Orleans, San Francisco and Savannah, that I’d go back to my roots. Well, kinda. Montana has always held a certain appeal for me. Hence, the setting.

Also, a couple of years ago my editor came up with the idea that I should create a story with two women cops as the protagonists and I thought he’d lost it. Cagney and Lacey, the old cop show from the eighties came to mind and I thought “I’ll never pull this off. What did he want? The female version of The Odd Couple? I back-burnered that idea. Big time. Actually I put it in the wood stove in the guest house on the north forty of the property.

Anyway, years later, as I was coming up with characters for LEFT TO DIE Regan Pescoli, a twice married single mom of a cop entered the scene. A few pages later, her partner, Selena Alvarez, uptight, with secrets of her own, sauntered in.

Everything really came together when I met Jillian Rivers, the heroine of the book, who is driving hell-bent to Montana to find her louse of a first husband who let her think he was dead and also left her to deal with the investors he’d swindled.

These women absolutely intrigued me. Add to the mix a madman who leaves his victims to die along with a sexy loner who has a shady past and I was off and running with this story that truly was fun to write. You can read an excerpt and learn more about the book at www.lisajackson.com

Lisa Jackson is the author of the romantic suspense novel, LEFT TO DIE. You can visit her website at www.lisajackson.com.

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2 thoughts on “LEFT TO DIE by Lisa Jackson: “…I knew I wanted to write a ‘back-woodsy’ kind of story…”

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  2. Just finished reading “Left to die”. This is my first read of a Lisa Jackson novel. I was caught and held right to the end until I realized that I would have to go and search out the next book to find out how this one ended! Not impressed.

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