A WORTHY MUSLIM by Amir Makin: “…it should become clearer to the reader as to how true patriotism should be defined.”

I began writing this book in an effort to begin a serious conversation and develop solutions to handling the issue of oppression in which some Muslims are reluctantly timid if not outright afraid and even terrified to seriously deal with. In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Muslims were strongly encouraged and even directed to focus on issues designed to remove the collective responsibility the Islamic community has to handle tragedies which arise out of different acts of oppression throughout the world. Many began to openly condemn anything and anyone they were told to in order to prove they were not evil terrorists. In the haste to do such, real issues of terrorism that have produced serious injustices as a result of things such as racism, or the greed of capitalism were ignored and denounced as unpatriotic conversation.

I began to see the motivation of some individuals well placed in the Muslim world shift from living for the way of life called Al Islam, to profiting by hiding the obligation that all Muslims are required to stand against injustice and oppression regardless of who its victims are. I realized that while some may have had great knowledge of Islamic science or memorization of the Qur’an, very few were willing to teach its application of standing against oppression such as the few examples I named above. I believe this is a direct result of their unwillingness to struggle against the very forces that benefit from the many instances of oppression. After growing exhausted hoping that some of those charged with leadership would lead effectively on this issue, I accepted the responsibility and recognized it became my duty to shed light on this topic where some of their efforts have fallen drastically short.

This book is first about gaining an understanding that true oppression and criminal behavior is defined in the Qur’an itself, and not solely by any member of Allah’s creation. It is about analyzing what all oppressive governments, dictators and their supporters have in common and how to deal with and rise above them all through the applications detailed in the Qur’an. I provide detailed explanations listing the strategies that all oppressors use in order to gain total control of the masses. Once this is understood, it should become clearer to the reader as to how true patriotism should be defined.

I then provide real time examples which establish the verification of the Quranic applications based on current events. The reader will definitely leave this book with a jolt of mental consciousness designed to challenge the position of comfort that may allow them to turn a blind eye toward certain injustices which they feel do not concern them. This book is not for Muslims alone, it is for anyone that wishes to understand “how” the Qur’an actually addresses what some sadly are afraid to speak on. This is written in very easy to understand language in which all terms used are defined within context and supported with a detailed vocabulary listing in the back. If you are not a Muslim, this provides a pass to enter a new world, if you are a Muslim this should serve as a compass to help find a direction that some have tragically lost.

Amir Makin is the author of A WORTHY MUSLIM: QURANIC TOOLS NEEDED TO OVERCOME OPPRESSION AND IMPERIALISM IN ORDER TO INSTITUTE JUSTICE. You can visit his website at www.unworthymuslim.com.


3 thoughts on “A WORTHY MUSLIM by Amir Makin: “…it should become clearer to the reader as to how true patriotism should be defined.”

  1. Very interesting. You mention the “greed of capitalism”, but without the support of capitalistic countries, how would some countries survive? Some already live in severely impoverished conditions. Would it not also be an injustice if these people suffered more when other countries could no longer offer support?

  2. I’m currently conducting seminars on formulating methods to deal with specific injustices that are unique to different communities. These are very interactive, challenging and intellectually stimulating. They’re designed to train each community to tap into resources they usually are not aware are accessible to them.

    As for the greed of capitalism, which is a very excellent question we must remember that some countries encountered a very extensive period of colonization and still have not fully recovered from.

    Much of the poverty in many of these countries is an effect to the cause of that initial colonization. It would be an injustice to allow people to suffer when other countries could help out, but it is also an injustice to discount the history that played a central role in that countries current circumstances. If the historical diagnoses of the problem is incomplete, then the prescription to handle the problem will be insufficient also.

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