DEAR GOD LET ME LOSE FAT, AMEN by Dr. J.R. Paine & Professor S.N. Gupta Ph.D.: “The only alternative and solution was for us to use mega brainpower…”

The seeds for the book were sown over a decade ago when Dr. Paine’s baby sister lost her husband to obesity and obesity associated Type II Diabetes. She had been married for about ten years. At the time of her husband’s untimely death at the age of 40, she was a tender 32 years old. She was the mother of an 8-year-old boy and a 6-year old girl.

What a waste of 4 precious lives, not even counting his and her parents and family. And, for what? A lack of knowledge and a mindset that said “take my life, not my fatty, sugary, salty, cholesterol loaded, acid/ash, killer calorie loaded foods”. My sister carries the anguish of his loss to this day and never remarried.

Then her son began to emulate his late father’s eating habits. I knew that losing her son the same way as her husband is more pain than I could ever bear to see my baby sister suffer. That is when serious research started and here we are with the first book published and others to follow. We promised ourselves that we will write a book the likes of which has never been written before in the history of weight loss. We promised to innovate a Zero Obesity system that will begin to end the health and obesity mega crisis and be available to each and every person for just a dime. Mission impossible, said the pessimists, doubters, never say yes gloom and doom experts.

But, our desire to help was solid like a rock. A Zero Obesity System was urgently needed by a 100 million desperate dieters. A 100 million Americans, as we write this story, who are suffering the agony of obesity not knowing what to do, how to stop it and how to gain health and lose excess weight need such a book and a fail-proof Zero Obesity System.

We knew that 30 million plus books, diet companies, diet plans, drugs, surgical procedures, hormonal injections and more already existed. We asked ourselves, “why did this huge mass of “advise” on how to lose weight turned a trickle of obesity in 1950 into a Tsunami of obesity in 1999?

The answer was a shocker. The reason is clueless advice by fat loss pundits, “experts”, scammers and people’s fear of the words “science and physics”. Add to this pure simple lack of knowledge about the scientific makeup of the body, the universal natural laws that make it work and in plain and simple words, misunderstood science.

The only alternative and solution was for us to use mega brainpower, ours and that of one thousand great minds throughout human history, to innovate a virtual 21st century solution to obesity and her twin brother Health Failure.

The question on your mind right this minute is, “how is ‘Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen’ different from 30 million other books

As you read our story, you will realize that no book on the most relevant issue, health, has a science grounded, biologically compatible, nature guaranteed roadmap to winning health and defeating obesity/overweight/ disease without using the mouth, surgical knife or needle, swallowing risky diet pills, starvation, food deprivation, hormonal injections. liposuction, surgical procedures, botox injections, punishing workouts, recipes, despair, pain, anger, and frustration exists anywhere in the world with which to compare the Dear God book and the astonishing innovation to be discovered between its covers.

Not one book exists that has have taken a thousand years of knowledge and wisdom produced by great minds of history, condensed it into 150 fast delivery, fast facts nuggets of knowledge nutrition for the brain and put the best of it to work for 330 million Americans and billions around the world through AutoSlim, AutoTutors who stay with you 24/7/365 for a dime a day.

No book provides 40 Zero Obesity 24/7 Health Info-Experts Pinups to ensure that everyone who owns a human body is able to benefit from Nature’s enormous healing power through counterattack fast delivery, fast facts nuggets of knowledge nutrition for the BRAIN served by a team of FORTY 24/7/365 virtual Info-Therapists, Personal Trainers, Tutors, Coaches, Nutrition Bodyguards and other health Info-Experts. It is a fact that while for nearly five decades, we have had easy access to fast delivery, fast foods and fluids loaded with acid/ash and killer calories to feed the mouth, we have had zero, zip access to fast delivery, fast knowledge to feed essential knowledge nutrition to the brain.

Scientists, scholars, sages and saints have known the truth about the connection between Nature, physics and human life for millenniums. The vitally important scientific facts recited below are not a secret to scholars and scientists. Now, with “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen”, each and every person can profit from this invaluable knowledge. Each and every person can afford it at just a dime a day.

We all know it but conveniently forget when hunger and cravings cell launch their attack that by nature, we are creatures of habit. Habits are formed in the brain based on information we get from the eyes, ears and mouth. The brain’s job is to protect the body, but to protect trillions of cells, the brain needs knowledge. Knowledge is nutrition for the brain. “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” virtual team of info-tutors, personal trainers and nutritional bodyguards serve tasty nuggets of FAST knowledge to the brain 24/7 that enable it to work at full capacity to keep you slim and healthy effortlessly. Health becomes a HABIT and your SECOND NATURE that lasts a lifetime. We enjoy this daily and it is now easy to control the cravings for FAST foods. We welcome you to join us in the Zero Obesity Zone.

In the absence of knowledge nutrition, the brain has no stored data upon which to base its decisions to grant or deny excessive signals for an overdose of foods from the hunger and cravings cells.

The first Virtual team of 40 of these amazing health info-experts is housed in the “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” book for your convenience. The full-color, ready to clip, frame and display health info-experts, AutoSlim, virtual AutoTutor Pinups are waiting to help you start gaining health and losing weight on Nature’s timetable (remember nature takes none months to make a baby and 18 years for humans to move from childhood to adulthood). Losing an ounce of fat a day equals losing 30 pounds of weight in fat and fluids in one year. Your Health Info-Experts, AutoSlim, virtual AutoTutors take care of you 24/7. They:

*Stand on duty 24/7 on your refrigerator door with a magnetic clip
*Sit on the dinner table 24/7 in a frame
*Sit on the kitchen counters in a frame 24/7
*Sit on the office desk in a frame 24/7
*Sit on the family TV set in a frame
*Sit on the bedside table in a frame

The story has a happy ending for everyone who wants to regain health and lose excess fat. Our story culminated in the fulfillment of our promise of proving dieters with the easiest, safest, fail-proof way in the world to protect and defend their health and body against obesity/overweight and 32 obesity related diseases. They will make exciting new ways to save time, save money and best of all save their health. Some adventures that await the bloggers are:

· They will learn how to use in a jiffy the huge supply of healing powers programmed into their body and being by Nature.

· They will be thrilled to know how to lose 150-200 calories in just 30 seconds. All they need do is look at Pages 28 and 31 of the “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” book.

· They will be know how to naturally boost their metabolism by feeding their body the foods it must have to be healthy and limiting the foods that carry acid/ash, killer/calorie, disease inducing foods. To own a list of “Foods to Eat and Love” and “Foods to Fear”, just see pages 47 and 48 in the “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” book.

· They will never ever gain weight again.

· They will never ever worry about gaining weight. It is a fantastic feeling. We enjoy it every single day.

· The Fast Delivery, Fast Facts, Fast Knowledge AutoSlim AutoTutors keep the brain receptors awake and never let them forget that you want to stay slim and healthy.

· Your team of 24/7 Health Info-Experts helps you to automatically reach your own MUST CHANGE moment, which is the start signal to launch your
own personal health and ideal body weight journey.

· Your team of 24/7 Health Info-Experts keeps the roadmap to success in
health, weight and personal life at the forefront of your thoughts.

· Your AutoSlim Pinups team helps you set and reach health and weight goals.

· Your AutoSlim team provides the 24/7 support and know-how for your health and nutrition needs.

· Your AutoSlim AutoTutor Pinup team focuses you better to more quickly talk to your body in its own language.

· Your AutoSlim AutoTutor Pinup team makes you feel sure and secure at all times.

· Your Info-Expert Pinup team envisions and implements a healthier life and steady roadmap.

· Your virtual team stays focused on your health and weight 24/7 with non-stop reminders. They never let you forget how to help your body stay in health.

· Best of all, the strong desire for 100% health and Zero Obesity becomes a loved habit and hobby. You treasure this habit for the rest of your life.

· High Tech scientists estimate that by the year 2017, one billion people would have moved into the virtual world. You are among the very first to move in and to claim a place of your own in the amazing, exciting, wonderful new virtual world.

Enjoy “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen< and live happily ever after.

Dr. J.R. Paine is the co-author of DEAR GOD, LET ME LOSE FAT, AMEN. You can visit her blog at


2 thoughts on “DEAR GOD LET ME LOSE FAT, AMEN by Dr. J.R. Paine & Professor S.N. Gupta Ph.D.: “The only alternative and solution was for us to use mega brainpower…”

  1. I was an overweight child at 5 and obese at 10. I was morbidly obese by my 20’s. I dieted on and off for years never reaching normal weight and always gaining back more. I found out at 49 that my weight problems were caused by candida overgrowth. I Lost 186+ pounds, and have kept it off for over 7 years. My websites contain lots of free information about weight loss and candida. If you know someone who has sincerely tried repeatedly to lose weight please pass this along to them.

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