HER GODMOTHER by Cate Cavanagh: “As a spiritualist my mission is to heal but as the scriptures teach, I had to heal myself first.”

Her Godmother is the story of a young girl named Allie whose father is an alcoholic. His disease becomes so problematic that Allie’s mother decides to leave him. While she is planning to relocate with Allie, she sends Allie to stay with her unusual godmother, Brigid.

I am the adult child of an alcoholic and, the echoes of growing up with that disease impacted on life choices, my self esteem and feelings of worth. Like Allie, I adored my father and although a child I always felt responsible for his inability to stop drinking. After much self evaluation I reached a point in my life where I was able to connect the dots and realize how much growing up in an environment with this disease and all the dysfunction it entails affected where I was in my life and personally. I began intensive work on healing.

One very thing that is very unique to children growing up with an addicted parent is the misplaced sense that the parent is to be protected and so begins the secret. It becomes very important for others and peers to believe there are no problems in the family. So ingrained was this secret keeping within me I did not even share my father was an alcoholic until I was in my thirties.

As a spiritualist my mission is to heal but as the scriptures teach, I had to heal myself first. This was a painful journey for me. As I began my journey I realized that growing up as I did I suffered an intense feeling of loneliness and isolation because I did not know how to share what I was going through. I did not know how to express how I felt. As an adult I came in touch with how I felt as a child, how many of those feelings I still had and how to replace them with a healthier self image that was free from blame. My only ally was an elderly aunt, who also happened to be my godmother. Through her I experienced the unconditional love and acceptance I could not receive from my father. Whatever was within me that wanted to be a healthy person I know came from that very important relationship.

When I first began writing as a youngster I decided I wanted to write so that those people who might feel alone would not feel alone by reading my work. It all came together one night when the title of the book became the only phrase of the first page and remained so for over a year.

During that time I continued writing articles on healing and spirituality, founded Quantum Spirituality, The Science Of Change which teaches how to create a mind shift away from all the damaged self perceptions we carry with us from various causes.

It was during this period I realized I was ready to address the issue of alcoholism and the impact it has on children. This was to become a story from my heart because in order to write the story I had to recall and connect with the pain, feelings and thoughts I used to experience and did not know how painful it would be for me to express them. But, I knew it was a story that had to be told so children could hopefully be guided into seeing they hold no fault whatsoever and also for adults who had an alcoholic parent to experience a catharsis as well. Most importantly, this story holds within it tools for healing that helped me such as the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous which helped me better understand the disease itself and real magic, as I have experienced it, that uplifted my heart and soul and taught me how to, despite heartache, to see and embrace everyday magic and joy.

As a Witch, the magical principles that are part of this mystical are genuine. As an adult child of alcoholic there is authenticity to what Allie feels and faces and, as the god daughter of a wonderful lady that was my life line, Allie’s godmother is endowed with her qualities.

Healing from a family dysfunction, such as having an addiction destroy a family is so difficult for so many they carry the scars for a lifetime. I felt an authentic and honest tale addressing this issue and the healing of the main character might be uplifting to those still walking with the shadow of sorrow hovering over them.

I wrote this book to offer an entertaining way in which to address a very serious issue that also offers insight in the start of the healing process.

Her Godmother receives great reviews and is available through all bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com.

Cate Cavanagh is the author of HER GODMOTHER.  You can visit her website at www.quantumspirituality.tripod.com.

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