KILL 4 ME by Joel M. Andre: “…what if someone were haunted, or stalked though text messaging.”

One night I was sitting bored at work. I think to a point we all have those nights. Well, most people I suppose would have those during the day. At that time I was working the graveyard shift at a gas station. It paid the bills, but left me emotionally and mentally unfulfilled.

Most of the night I was left with just my mind, and the sounds of coyotes howling in the distance. I guess I should mention this little gas station was about 15 miles outside of Phoenix and rested basically in the middle of no where, out in Cave Creek.

While I was scrubbing down the lot, I received a text message from someone, although I don’t recall who it was at this time. But it struck me, what if someone were haunted, or stalked though text messaging.

The hamster in my mind probably was rolling its eyes, as it stretched and began running on its wheel as I thought of different scenarios I could use for this. But most of all, I needed to figure out a way to make it work. The rest of the night was spent debating in my mind what direction I wanted to go.
As the sun rose, I had a title and a basic story in my head. Of course that story wasn’t where the finished product went. At that moment, it was about a serial killer, and was so full of cliché’s I don’t think I would have enjoyed writing it.

Instead when I finally sat down to write ‘Kill 4 Me’, I began the opening scene in the car, and started to let the story tell itself. It in turn decided to become a technological ghost story. Which I am pretty happy with.

On a little back story, I wrote a novel which will never see the light of day, but I have it here where Casey Dwyer actually appeared in. I decided to pull her from that story, and have the book focus on her. She didn’t let me down at all.

She survived quite a bit of torment in the other book, and I had to bring her back to a normal character for this book. I had to imagine what she would be had nothing in the past ever happened to her. It was pretty mentally stimulating, my only concern is that I wouldn’t make her vivid enough for the reader based on my previous encounter with her. Based on the feedback of strangers, it looks like I did alright. I am nervous whenever I put anything out there on the market.

The ending was the hardest part for me, the original ending I had was very violent and very graphic. It also drug on for quite a bit. I had several people read it, and let me know they just didn’t like how I ended it. Apparently it was too predicable. So the surprise ending I came up with is the second ending. The original ending is sitting in the bottom of a drawer somewhere in the event I can use a similar idea sometime.

My goal when I write is the keep the reader entertained in a story that is straight to the point and focused on a person’s busy life. I love Stephen King and Anne Rice, but their books require lengthy dedication to a book. I write for the busy person, the one who wants to pick up a book, spend a few hours on the weekend reading, and know they received something entertaining and that can keep them motivated to read at a fast pace.

Most importantly, I write for people to have something to read. Reading entertains a part of the mind that visual entertainment cannot. I hope everyone will encourage others to read and to grow their minds. If someone loves Dragons, grab a book about dragons for them. Encourage our youth to read, and write.

Joel M. Andre is the author of the horror novel, KILL 4 ME.  You can visit his website at

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