SCATTERED LEAVES by Richard E. Roach: “…I had no story in mind when I started.”

scattered-leavesOur guest blogger today is Richard Roach, author of the suspense/mystery novel, SCATTERED LEAVES.

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I started writing one foggy night back in 1957. The rig was making a trip (changing the drill bit) and I sat alone in a lab filled with gas detection equipment that was so small you had to turn sideways to enter. The unit, as we called the lab, sat on the end of a drilling barge that rested in about ten feet of water on the bottom of Lake Calcasieu located in South Louisiana about spitting distance from the Gulf of Mexico . The lake is large enough that in daylight you think you’re in the gulf because you can’t see the shore line. I decided to pass the time by writing a western.

After I had about thirty pages written, I showed it to my wife and a friend. They laughed! This upset my gentle nature and I threw the pages into the garbage and vowed never to write another page.

As time moved along and sanded my rough edges smooth, I began to have the itch to write once more. In 1974 I started my own company producing gas detection instruments that I had invented (designed). I had a small building jammed against a convenience store in which I had the operation plus an office, a typewriter, and an ammonia-type printing machine…the writing bug bit again and SCATTERED BLOODY LEAVES was born. In a future draft the name was changed to SCATTERED LEAVES.

I had no story in mind when I started. I wanted a John Wayne type of character for my male protagonist and a female star as beautiful as Lana Turner and tough as Bonny Parker. Beth Ann Pettijohn filled the bill perfectly. She had the looks, the brains and the mental fiber to match my expectations. I had lots of bad guys in the story but the super-bad guy, the one that murdered poor June, the woman who loved everyone, was part American Indian and he loved no one. He was a psycho; his daily thrill came by torturing his wife (Joy), I won’t go into the details at this time, some innocent person might read this. Since I’m part Indian, I know how mean they can be, but no, he isn’t based upon one of my insane family member.

Because the super villain felt he was so tough, I allowed him to escape to The Big Thicket and fight it out with McCord using dynamite and a BOW AND ARROWS. That’s a no-mans-land between Louisiana and Texas near the gulf. I’ve hunted and fished there and know the terrain well.

Thanks to the help of Sarah Schwersenska, Multi-Media agreed to publish my blathering. Everyone needs a little luck and when she read SCATTERED LEAVES she became my angel.

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