FIVE STEPS TO C.A.L.M. by Robert Patterson: “…find the job you want and the life you deserve”


Our guest blogger today is Robert Patterson, author of the business self-help book, Five Steps to C.A.L.M..

You can visit his website at

Hello, I am Rev. Robert Patterson Sr. and I would like to tell you alittle about myself. I am Retired military; (Marine Corps) and I have made it my business to help others get a employment/career. I am a graduate of San Diego State University: speaker and instructor on the subject of job hunting and career counseling. I have been a news reporter, host for Cable television, an Employment Counselor Specialist, and Coordinator of a Manpower Employment Agency. I also coordinated the first Sickle Cell Anemia Testing in Oceanside, Ca. while attending MiraCosta Community College. I presently reside in Vista, Ca. with my wife Linda of 33 years of marriage. Five Steps to CALM (Career and Life Management) is my first book.

In today’s economy with some 1.2 million unemployed and growing doesn’t make job hunting easy. In my recent book Five Steps to C.A.L.M., I have compiled my fifteen years of Job Search seminar experience into a book of “how-to” instructions that I collected to help jobseekers make the right choices and feel good about themselves. The book was crafted to be clear and reader-friendly. Five Steps to C.A.L.M addresses such issues as how to write an attention-getting resume, and how to get through an interview with confidence and a sense of achievement.

This is a universal manual for nearly all market sectors and all sorts of employment opportunities. Beginning with initiatives on how to set goals, declare intentions, and research potential employers, there is no stone left unearthed in helping job seekers become cool, calm and collected in their search for a great job—and a great life. With helpful checklists, I prompt résumé writers on syntax, style and how to make the most out of action verbs. With directives on nine different skill sets, readers will be able to fine-tune and properly define what will set them apart from other applicants to ensure a face-to-face interview. From here, my book is a handy guide, which packs a powerful punch on how to wow prospective employers through the interview phase and walks readers through a comprehensive and enlightening pre-interview session. With advice on how to dress, business protocols and self-promotion, your future is here in just five steps!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a new career or a different job, this detailed and comprehensive self-help guide provides professional instruction on how to best market yourself, while searching for employment. From translating what is the best in you from paper through the interview phase of job-hunting, this book proves to be a powerful compass in putting your best foot forward.

I have attempted to think of everything in preparing readers for the job search. Beginning with self-assessment and goal-setting strategies, this handy little gem provides valuable clues on how to get ahead of the pack and distinguish you as a professional. From writing cover letters and résumés in my résumé-writing clinic to how to effectively network, handle referrals, and research potential employers, this book is all you need. Begin your own career crusade—find the job you want and the life you deserve today!


One thought on “FIVE STEPS TO C.A.L.M. by Robert Patterson: “…find the job you want and the life you deserve”

  1. Dear Robert,

    We share a number of things in common-sickle cell disease for a start and Southern California. I used to live in San Marcos.
    I’d like to ask if your book addresses specifically the right jobs for those with sickle cell disease and how to get these jobs.
    I’d love to interview you about your book with particular attention to our audience and those living with sickle genes.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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