People ask me how I started to meditate. Many people meet spiritual teachers but my first inspiration that there might me something special about meditation came when I saw the Beatles meditating. John Lennon, with his quest for a peaceful world, really ‘awoke’ me to explore my spiritual life more deeply. So I began to meditate and began to hear an inner voice that I listened to and recorded what I heard. My pen just seemed to be moving on its own and the language was much different than my own. My inner voice spoke in a dialect with ‘doth’ and ‘ye’. I grew to know that when I heard this dialect that I better listen to the message and record it.

So over the years I wrote in my journals and now have a wondrous collection of spiritual messages. I was told that world was going through a huge transformation that would affect everyone. At first these words frighten me but I soon learned that this great change was about love. Wow…a world transforming through love, but how could this be when all I was seeing was war and greed? I was told to transform myself and live from a loving heart. But this was not easy as living my truth, as my messages told me to do, meant I had to make changes in relationships, family and work. But I knew how true love felt in my meditations and as I became more loving, I found in my personal life. I eventually became a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking with the Beloved Community founded by James Twyman, a peace troubadour and was ordained in the All Seasons Church of Canada in 2005.

The world is changing quickly as we can see with the election of President Obama. People need to know how to withstand change and transitions. Meditation is the key to balance, harmony and of course, finding the deep love within. In our silence, our stillness within, we connect with the Divine. Each religion teaches us this truth but most people simply listen to a minister, teacher or priest and do not listen to their inner wisdom.

This is what is behind my motivation to create In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation by providing simple ways to meditate, to increase your intuition and wisdom and to find a place of peace within. From this inner sanctuary, you can shine your own light brightly to others. This is how the world is transforming…each one of us finding peace and then being peace. This is how to empower each person and it is simple and each of us can create a world of peace within our own heart, our family, our work and our communities…within our planet. It begins…In Silence. Discover your inner Self through meditation.

I saw many people stressed and frustrated, so I decided in 2007 to self publish my book through Trafford Publishing in Victoria, BC. The book was about to be released but I developed breast cancer and the book was not released until September 2008. I am now well and healthy and meditation really assisted me through my cancer treatment. I kept the vision of myself as well and of my book being published. Both my visions came true. My dream of living by beautiful Georgian Bay came true as well and I married my husband Ian last September, 2008. So to new authors, don’t give up if adversities arise. Discover who you truly are and what is important to you. Keep on writing and creating your dreams and start to meditate to develop you ‘creative consciousness’ more fully.

Jane Rosalea Booth is author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation and a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking who created a program for holistic living and meditation called The Peaceful Path. Through The Golden Light Centre for Well-Being Inc. she is dedicated to assisting people to find inner peace by providing the keys they need to create the abundance, harmony and joy. For over 18 years, Jane has presented meditation and holistic workshops to community and health organizations. She now resides in Meaford, ON. Canada, where she offers her workshops and women’s retreats and holistic services. In 2004, she became an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and holds a Masters of Divinity. She is an ordained minister in the All Seasons Church of Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Development Studies and a Certificate of General Social Work. She is a Certified Sound Energy Dynamics Practitioner and Reiki Master Practitioner.

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