save-the-best-for-lastI have been an aggressive reader far way back, and fantasy is something I mostly read up to now. Even some of my earlier short stories were fantasy, apart from my earlier publication in high school. Before I got the idea of this book, I had so many plots of books. But eventually, it was during a day dream when I got the idea of save the best for last, which is my debut novel. The actual inspiration of this novel was the way ideas continued unfolding endlessly in my head with vivid characters, how they looked like and the kind of situations they had to encounter.

I began with two characters in the original idea before it went in developing. They continued getting more real to me and when I started plugging them into situations, it was roller coaster ride. Through all that process, book ready after several revisions. I started planning on getting the book published. I was only twenty years old, with enough information about the publishing industry, so proud of my manuscript which every writer feels after fully completing it.

As I always say that I’m no exceptional to rejections, but after signing a publishing contract with RPI, I later got an agent who wanted my book after a very long time. So now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed to see where that ends. Months and years can elapse; it’s long and a winding road to get published.

As a writer, you have to believe in yourself. If you don’t think you’re a good author, no one else will. Don’t rush aimlessly to get any of your projects finished when it can’t even impress you, the writer. Write as well as reading because it’s the only way to advance your craft.

Kim Hanks is the author of Save The Best For Last, a fantasy adventure debut from the author! Critics have compared this book to an example of hugely popular genres and reality in the novelists craft and have described it as a strong, good, and multilayered fantasy adventure written with a hand that is both sure and light.
Kim has a full time job and is a graduate of Cambridge International College with a degree in Human Resource Management. He lives in Dubai.
For more information please visit his website at
Zwick Lamps, a secret admirer to Whitney Barnes, got targeted by a genius son of the past evil family that had lived in Green Oasis Town. However, it was once before that Zwick had finally discovered his supernatural powers that were only known by the isolated old woman Tabitha, a misfortuned lady whose husband died on their wedding day.

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