Beyond the Code of ConductClosing Molly and Danny’s love story in Against Doctors Orders, we sighed and relished their happily ever after. Bobbie Leighton, Molly’s live in house keeper and caregiver to her daughter, Amy, was on the mend after suffering an attack from a crazed killer at the book’s conclusion. We trusted that she’d deal with her estrangement from the younger Sullivan brother, Joe, who had not only captured her interest, but had also captured that serial killer who had threatened her life.

But Bobbie lingered in our minds. And so did her love interest, Joe Sullivan. Wounded in the line, would Joe be bitter that he’d lost his career as the price for his bravery? Would Bobbie remain in Molly’s household as a caregiver, or would her brush with mortality change her life forever, too?

Those open-ended questions plagued us. What if Bobbie did change her life? She had toyed with aspiring to a law enforcement career on her way to a fateful dinner with Joe when the Henna Housewife Killer had attacked her. What if that didn’t short-circuit her career, but instead reinforced her desire to protect and serve? How could Joe Sullivan accept an inactive role in the homicide department? Wouldn’t he always strive to resurrect his career despite the unlikelihood that he could convince his superiors that he was fit for active duty?

Beyond The Code of Conduct became an inevitable necessity for us! We had to find out the answers to those questions and we were eager to know what happened to Joe and Bobbie. Ironically Bobbie excelled in law enforcement while Joe’s career stalled. Wouldn’t it be fun to see what that meant when they were reunited? And to make things more interesting, wouldn’t it be dangerous to cast them into an undercover operation where major life interests were at stake for both of them and see what happens?

Exploring this premise and writing Joe’s edgy character compared to the sweet, easygoing man depicted in Book 1 was more than fun. Bobbie had matured into an accomplished woman, able to deflect Joe’s barbs and keep her eye on the target. But could she remain impervious to Joe’s charms and forget the sweet man under his eye patch and chip on the shoulder exterior?

We don’t know if questions as a central basis for a story are common plot drivers for all writers, but for us, Book 2 in our series translated into answers. Bobbie and Joe could finally play out their beliefs that the story in Book 1 was really all about them.

KM DaughtersK.M. Daughters is the multi-published writing team of sisters Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare. Their penname is dedicated to their parents Katherine and Michael, the “K” and “M” in K.M. Daughters. Their author career began in January 2008 with contracts from The Wild Rose Press for an inspirational romance, Jewel of the Adriatic, and a romantic suspense novel, Against Doctors Orders, Book #1 in The Sullivan Boys Series. Beyond The Code of Conduct, Book 2 in the series, is rated 4-stars, compelling, page turner, by Donna M. Brown, Reviewer for Romantic Times Book Reviews (June 2009 Issue #304). A contemporary romance, Past, Present and Forever is available in E-book from Sapphire Blue Publishing. Residing in Illinois and New Jersey, the sisters continue to work on The Sullivan Boys Series. Book #3 will release later this year and two additional books are anticipated to complete the series. You can visit their website at Follow them at!

Editor’s note: Leave a comment on K.M. Daughters’ blog stops during her virtual book tour in June and you could win a free virtual book tour if you are a published author or a $50 gift certificate if you’re non-published.

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