MISS L’EAU by T. Katz

Miss L'eauWorking as a television Production Associate for hundreds of children’s animated TV shows does something to a person. Thousands of hours working on shows with cowboys in space, dinosaurs brought back to life in the modern world and a rubbery yellow man living in the walls of houses causes you to have moments in a day where you’re thinking like cartoon characters or privately hearing sound effects to accompany what you see (junky-clunky cars or shopping carts with wheels that wobble, etc.)

However, one show in particular about a young alien sent to earth to protect its’ creatures touched my heart and I haven’t seen another show like it since in went of the air a decade ago. Feeling that kids could still use colorful characters to keep the message of “Save the Earth” alive I decided to write the book Miss L’eau to help kids learn more about the planet’s seashores and the inhabitants who could use our assistance and care.

I grew up in Northern California not far from the ocean and all that salt air and fog instilled a deep love of the sea it has never been far from my thoughts, even after I moved to sunny, bone-dry Southern California’s high desert … saltwater still ran in my veins. Every chance I had, I would turn my car in the direction of the nearest beach and spend as much time as I could, but seeing the ocean slurp up and spit back so much litter made me weep. I didn’t remember seeing all that trash as a young person, so I decided to write Miss L’eau, in an effort to make kids aware of the help our shores needed and that anyone could help, no matter how small their hands. If one page of Miss L’eau makes a reader want to investigate more about helping the waters surrounding us, then a good deed was done.

Miss L’eau tells the tales of two kids in a coastal town who discover a secret about their elementary school teacher, Miss L’eau, which changes their lives forever. The kids had always known there was something unusual about her, but they could never quite put their finger on it. Even though they’ve have always lived near the ocean, they never thought about its importance, power and certainly never its vulnerability. Through Miss L’eau, and her unexpected relationship to the sea, they develop a love and understanding for the great body of water covering nearly 75% of the earth’s surface. With their teacher’s help, they become involved with a nearby aquarium and organize an annual clean-up event in their community and hope to inspire others to do the same.

T. Katz 2T. Katz, a resident of Southern California has been involved in the children’s entertainment industry since the early 80’s working on hundreds of episodes of animated television and as a music instructor to hundreds of very animated children. She is also the honorary conductor of a four-part harmony household, consisting of her two children (three if you count the spouse on a bad day) and Alice the cat. The people that surround her help her to continue seeing the world with all its magic, beauty and potential. She lives by the motto “a good book, a cup of tea and somehow all is right with the world.” Her adventures in life are adding welcome lines of character to her face and scattered optimistic silver linings all over her head. You can visit her website at www.tkatz.com.

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