Day after day of dealing with disrespectful students, unsupportive supervisors, and rude and often demeaning parents takes a toll on even the most determined teacher.  When a teacher deals with these things for years, the teacher, once filled with an incalculable amount of passion for teaching and saving the world, begins to lose hope and becomes disillusioned and frustrated.   That disillusioned and frustrated teacher is me, HBF (Hopeful But Frustrated) Teacher.

As a child of a school teacher and the granddaughter of a teacher, I sat and watched enviously as both of my loved ones planned their lessons and graded papers.  It seemed so cool to me.  In school, I was lucky enough to be placed in classrooms with outstanding teachers who encouraged me to think outside of the box.   I adored these teachers so the idea of being a teacher rose even higher on my list of possible occupations.  A wonderful college experience moved teaching to the top of my career list.

Oh the dreams I had about my first year of teaching!   I dreamed of students who wanted to learn, the kind who read simply because they loved to read and not because you made them read.   Of course, they would be distracted like people their age, but they would easily be led back on task and never rude and disrespectful.  I imagined parents who believed in teachers and eagerly accepted a portion of the responsibility for their children’s educations.  In other dreams, there were administrators who actually provided me with the supplies and encouragement I need to be a successful teacher.

Those were dreams.  The past years have revealed the reality.  I can’t even pay most of my students to read, and the majority of my students choose to play rather than learn five days out of five.  My ideal parents are far from ideal.   If their children don’t receive high scores, then it’s always my fault.  It doesn’t matter that their children don’t do homework, don’t complete assignments and don’t study for tests.  It’s always the teacher’s fault.  At the end of the day, the “real” administrators see it the same way.

Because of this, I wrote the novel, No Teachers Left Behind.   It is my hope that after reading it, the American public will realize that the future of America relies on more than the students in schools today.   It also relies on the teachers, the ones who are truly being left behind.

HBF Teacher has been a public school Middle grades teacher for three years.  Before that, HBF substitute taught for two years.  HBF has also worked as a live-in nanny and an accounts payable representative.

Today when not nurturing young minds, HBF enjoys travel, photography, culinary arts, and the cinema.  The Cohen Brothers and Tyler Perry are among her favorite artistic contributors.

You can find more about HBF Teacher and her work online @

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