FREEDOM OF PRESS: THE SITTING DUCK by Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Balenda

Freedom of Press

Freedom of Press: The Sitting Duck

Freedom of press the sitting duck is about express myself by using poetry about situation journalists face in the connection with their reporting. In this book, I talk about journalists being kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured and in the worse case they even get killed by politicians, criminal groups and religious organizations who are also politically motivated. In every poetry, I talk about different events from Human Rights violations to other frustrations, journalists can deal with when they report in countries that are hostile to an independent press. Like in all my books, I use poetry to criticize religion and its promotion of bigotry around the world. I end my book with a conclusion where I talk about the insecurities of those who are hostile to the free press and their desire to promote violence crime because they don’t know anything about the principles that makes a decent human being decent. I put things into perspectives by also talking about others who are trapped in the same situation like: authors, Human Rights activists, Greenpeace activists, freedom fighters, aid workers, movements for democracy and others. My message to the readers is that the CPJ is starting to take care of these cased and my hope is that justice gets served because much of these criminal acts are ignored and the criminals and those who employ them walk with impunity.

About the Author

BalthazarBalthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Balenda is not only an author and a poet, but also a student, multimedia designer and translator.  His previous books include The Depth of My Soul and The Struggle for Power and the Fight for Survival.  Balthazar became interested in poetry by accident in 2003 when he wasn’t satisfied with the way things were going in his early studies and in the Danish society.  His latest book is Freedom of Press: The Sitting Duck.  You can visit Balthazar on the web at


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