The Story Behind ‘Hidden Shadows’ by Maryann Paige

Hidden Shadows came about from a strange situation involving my younger child. I admit that I’d never heard of the Shadow People until my son, who was three-years-old at the time, brought them to my attention.  Night after night, he stood at the foot of my bed, asking for safety from the shadow man who was sitting on his bed.   I would smile, pull up the covers and he would slide in and immediately fall asleep.

I’d expressed some concern to a co-worker, who gave me a brilliant idea to create a monster spray potion.  I found a small, spray bottle, made an awesome label off of the computer and that evening, gave the potion to my son.

He raised an eyebrow and asked me if this stuff was real.  I bit my lip and assured him it was, despite the fact that it was water.  I asked him to spray the shadow man the next time he visited, and he would never come back.

That very same evening, in the middle of the night, he ran into my room screaming.

“What’s wrong? I asked, thinking my heart was going to pound out from inside of my chest.

He cried, and said “I sprayed the shadow man and now he’s mad!”

My son’s continual visitations to my bed, to gain refuge from the plight of the shadow man, were causing me to lose sleep.  Unable to handle the fatigue during the work day any longer, I decided to look up shadow people to try to end this nightly occurrence. I had to get this child to sleep in his own bed. I was tired of repeating the verbiage that shadows cannot hurt you over again to no avail.

When I started hunting online, I was shocked to find over a 100,000 various websites listing the shadow people or shadow folk. I found stories and details and sometimes even pictures of them. Some of the stories matched exactly what my three-year old had spoken of.

That year with the shadow man was long and hard, but it did eventually dwindle down.  My little one claimed he was simply sick of him and told him to go away.  I wish I wish back then I would have known it could be that easy!


Maryann Paige was born in Brooklyn, New York, lived in Nevada and Texas and landed back in her home state.   She resides in the beautiful Hudson Valley and uses the area as the setting for her novels and stories. She attributes the idea for Hidden Shadows to her younger son, who claims to have met the shadow people on a nightly basis.  After researching and learning of them, she decided to write a novel loosely based on her son’s experiences. Please visit Maryann at to find out about her latest novel, Cemetery Gates.


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