The Story Behind My Heart and Soul

We welcome Marilyn Randall, author of the book of poetry and prose, My Heart and Soul, to The Story Behind the Book!  Marilyn Randall writes about social issues facing society in today’s world. She uses powerful emotion to share her thoughts and ideas about alcoholism recovery, sexual abuse issues, interracial relationships and relationships experienced at a senior time of her life. She writes about loss, and times in her life when her family played a huge role in forming the person she later became as an adult. She shares prayers she writes and uses to help her overcome some of the more difficult happenings of her life. This compilation of works is a tribute to overcoming obstacles and learning to never give up while maintaining a steadfast faith and belief in God.

You can visit her website at

My first experience writing poetry happened when I was in the seventh grade and was assigned the homework task of writing a poem to be turned into the teacher the following day. I wrote a blank verse poem titled Heaven And Hell and after turning it in I was called to the front of the class and thoroughly questioned about the legitimacy of this piece being from me and not stolen or borrowed from someone else. He didn’t think that a child of that age could write blank verse of that quality and actually accused me of cheating. I was embarrassed, but after a long dissertation he realized that it was indeed my own original piece and he finally gave me an “A” for the poem and a new poet was born.

Many years and a full life later and after being the sole caretaker for my dying husband for seven years, I needed a new direction for my life after his passing. My work had been piling up for years and gathering dust in a full to the brim, old filing cabinet. After hearing from a self published author about the self publishing industry, I did the research and decided that putting my collection together and publishing my first book would be a perfect venue for me to begin my new life and My Heart And Soul became my focus and my dream. Being a newbie to this industry, I didn’t know a great deal about what was required so I did dilligent research and found a publisher who I thought would be perfect for me. I took the photos, designed the cover and arranged the pieces for the manuscript and when I sent it to the publisher, my new career was born.

My Heart and Soul, is an emotional look into my deepest thoughts and feelings as I traversed my life. My faith is strong and readers will glean from this book the wretched throes of alcoholism and childhood sexual abuse I suffered as well as loosing loved ones at different times of my life. I share the many joyful events and occasions that hold special meaning in my life. I have experienced and share about deep passion and love and I share the powerful emotions I have for some of today’s social issues and injustices. This is a book about me and my life and the wonderful values and love I have for my God, and family. It is a powerful anthology from my heart and soul and I am blessed to be able to share this part of my life in this way.


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