The Story Behind Black Smoke by Robin Leigh Miller

How many of us as children had imaginary friends that we played with, talked with and turned to for comfort when we were scared, confused or simply lonely?  Have you ever seen a child talking to himself, laughing or pretending to hold someone’s hand?  What if that imaginary friend wasn’t imaginary?  What if they were actually talking with someone, a comforting, friendly voice that only they could hear?

Here’s a question for you. What if we refused to allow society to tell us as we grew older that we had to do away with imaginary friends?  What if we continued to listen to that voice and turn to it for comfort and advice?  Would our lives be less stressful, more fulfilled?  Would we treat our fellow man with more respect and think twice about what it would be like to walk in their shoes before condemning or judging them?

If you’ve ever heard that voice in your head warning you about a certain situation or giving you encouragement when you needed it the most then you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t, I say you haven’t been listening close enough.  Call it what you will, intuition, psychic ability or the guidance of a spiritual being as far as I’m concerned it all means the same thing.  We have help offered to us all we have to do is open up and accept it.

Encountering my own experiences with this unseen guidance has had me running to the book store looking for books to help explain exactly what I’ve heard or felt.  I’ve ready many different opinions, some I’ve understood and some I’ve shaken my head at and pushed aside.  I believe we humans try to make things more difficult than they have to be at times.

I’m a ferocious reader, devouring books that cover topics I’m interested in, including paranormal romance.  As a child I never read much and when I did I read mysteries.  As an adult my life changed in many different ways along with my tastes in entertaining reading.  My mother gave me a pile of books she’d finished one summer and I opened one.  That day my life changed again.

I became obsessed with paranormal romance.  When I say obsessed, I mean insanely obsessed.  Within two days I could read a book and begin another.  Paranormal has always, even as a child interested me.  Add to that a nice hot romance and I’m hooked.  Jump ahead about two years and I’ve got books stacked all over my house and my mother’s house.

And then it happened, that quiet, friendly voice that encouraged me to try writing my own story, and I did, but what kind?  Write what you know is the advice I’d heard somewhere in the world at one point.  I love paranormal, romance, heroic, kick-butt women and lastly action adventure.  I’m fiercely patriotic and hold the highest respect for the men and women who serve our country.

Here comes the “what I know” part.  I spent six years behind the wheel of a race car, a dirt track stock car.  If you think I didn’t experience a multitude of opinions on my choice of hobby, think again.  One had to develop a very sturdy back bone and a façade made of Teflon against some of the hurtful comments, jokes and simple ignorance.  Overcoming odds I know something about.  Living through painful crashes, I know a lot about.

Taking what I’d read about spiritual guidance, the turmoil our world is going through at the moment, my fascination for the military and my background, I stirred all those ingredients together and let them sit and simmer in my brain for a few days.  Slowly ideas took form as the aspects combined.  Characters came to life, a plot developed and paper became an endangered species around my house as I worked to outline my story.

As for research, the news supplied me with plenty of information and if I found myself doubting the validity of that information, I turned to the internet and combed through sites that would give me that snippet of fact I wanted.  The History Channel and Discovery informed me of interesting weapons that later became instrumental.

Two weeks later I sat down at my computer and typed out the very first line.  Each line became easier, the story flowed from page to page and the characters came to life for me. I have to say I always felt I had help writing this book.  So, I guess I never really lost contact with my imaginary friend.  May I suggest you look yours up and say, hi.

Robin Leigh Miller knows a little about finding romance in odd places. A retired dirt track racecar driver, she found love and adventure on the track. After three months of dating a fellow driver, he proposed and seven months later, they married. Now she gets her adrenaline rush from creating spunky, determined kick ass women that don’t let anything get in their way. Mix in her passion for the paranormal, action and adventure and you have some unique thrilling stories. Enter a world where anything can happen and hold on tight. It’s a bumpy ride but worth the trip as you watch her characters plow through what life throws at them and come out the other side more powerful and of course in love.  Visit Robin Leigh Miller at

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