My Inspiration for the Heartbroken Promises Series by author Sherry Shumard

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We often wonder how authors come up with their stories and if any part of themselves is in the story that we are captivated by, so we asked author Sherry Shumard, author of The Heartbroken Promises Series about her inspiration for her book and where she came up with the idea.


My Inspiration for the Heartbroken Promises Series by author Sherry Shumard

I got the idea for “Heartbroken Promises 2” based on my experience when I ran away from home at the age of sixteen years old. I had previously visited the local library and was looking at a book about islands. An island would be the most serene and ideal place for me to live I thought. In the book from the library Jekyll Island stood out to me so that’s why I decided to go there. I bought a one way ticket to Jekyll Island and didn’t tell my mom. She would probably be upset about my decision but at the time I really didn’t think about any consequences. I was a troubled teenager and I thought about myself only. I was unhappy with my teenage life and wanted to run away from all my problems and my cheating boyfriend.

I pictured myself lying on the beach there and forgetting about all my problems. I would find a job there and live there forever. I took with me a duffle bag with clothes in it and some food items. I wasn’t going to starve for awhile. Well, reality set in when I was waiting at a bus station in Columbia, South Carolina. I was very scared and I had second thoughts about what I was really doing. I went up to the ticket counter and told them that I needed to go back home and that I had made a big mistake. They checked into my story and they said that at that time there was no report of me missing. I was so scared that I was crying. I had made such a bad decision. I wasn’t sure if I would ever make it back to my home. Well, I never did make it to Jekyll Island. There was a detour. That will be another book that I’ve already started on.

In my first book the main character Miranda Wainright is me running away from her cheating boyfriend and all her problems to an island down south. She has to deal with her ex-boyfriend trying to win her back and she finds companionship in a new man named Jake. She is hurt because of her ex-boyfriend and has a hard time letting anyone else in her heart. Jake is experiencing his own heartache because he tells her that his wife and baby have died in a plane crash. Then, Miranda is almost murdered while on the island from someone in Jake’s past who is jealous of her. The island doesn’t seem very safe at all.

In “Heartbroken Promises 2” Miranda’s sister Vicky Wainright decides to visit her on the island and is quickly torn between two men who have feelings for her. Noah is her sisters’ housekeeper who may have been one of the people who kidnaps her and the other is Jake’s brother Jordan. Vicky gets very intimate with Noah and a little bit with Jordan and must make a decision about which one she wants to be with. Her life is further complicated with unexpected news. Jordan proposes to her and she tells him no. Did she make the right decision by staying so long on the island? Only time will tell in the third novel.

About the Author:

I love to read and write books. I’m the published author of a series of books titled: Heartbroken Promises, Heartbroken Promises 2 and I’m currently working on Heartbroken Promises 3. The books are available on www.,, and just to name a few. I plan on writing many more books since I have a lot of ideas on what I want to write about. My dream is to someday soon see my books come to life as a movie or a televison series-That would be great if it did happen. I’m married and have 3 children and 2 pets.

ISBN#: Heartbroken Promises2: 1-60474-822-2
Genre: Romance Novels
Number of Pages: 78

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2 thoughts on “My Inspiration for the Heartbroken Promises Series by author Sherry Shumard

  1. Thank you for letting me share my story about how I got the idea for my Heartbroken Promises series. I’m currently working on the third novel in the Heartbroken Promises series and I’m so excited to let everyone know about my books. I’m really excited to be on tour without having to leave my home and share my experience with the world.

    Sherry Shumard
    Author of Heartbroken Promises 2

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