The Story Behind Healing With Words by Diana Raab





Name: Diana M. Raab, MFA, RN

Name of Book: Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey

Where did you as an author get your inspiration?

The inspiration to write this book came from my having been diagnosed with two cancers in five years. As a survivor of other traumas in my life I was not going to let myself be shattered by a cancer diagnosis. It was something I was going to get through and then move on with my life.

My diagnosis and surgery occurred in 2001 just weeks before 9/11 and I was left to mourn both tragedies. In lieu of viewing the situation as hopeless, I turned to writing for strength and support. Since childhood, when my mother gave me my first journal to help me cope with my grandmother’s suicide, I have found solace in writing. That seemingly benign gesture set the stage for my career as a professional writer.

After my diagnosis I decided to live out my dreams and return to graduate school for an MFA in Writing. As part of my creative thesis, I decided to use my journal entries to write a book to help others undergoing similar circumstances. I thought this would be useful, particularly in view of my background as a nurse. Since its initial inception, the book has evolved into a self-help book and memoir, and in its published form includes my reflections, poetry and journal entries. In addition, each chapter finishes with journaling prompts and blank pages for readers to chronicle their own journey.

In summary, I view the journal as a daily vitamin—in that it heals, detoxifies and is essential for optimal health.  I share my passion for journaling by teaching others in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and in conferences around the country.

 Healing With Words Synopsis

Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Story Journey is a compassionate and wry self-help memoir written by an award-winning author, nurse and poet, who at the age of forty-seven found her life shattered first by a DCIS  (early breast cancer) diagnosis and five years later by another, seemingly unrelated and incurable cancer—multiple myeloma.  You can visit her website at

 About the Author

Diana M. Raab is an essayist, memoirist, poet and author blogger who teaches in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and at various conferences around the country.

 She’s editor of the anthology, Writers and Their Notebooks (University of South Carolina Press, January 2010).

 Her memoir, Regina’s Closet: Finding My Grandmother’s Secret Journal (Beaufort Books, 2007) won the 2008 National Indie Excellence Award for Memoir and the 2009 Mom’s Choice Award for Adult Nonfiction.

 She has three poetry collections, My Muse Undresses Me (2007), Dear Anaïs: My Life in Poems for You (2008), winner of The Reader Views Award and Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice, and The Guilt Gene (2009). 

 She’s the recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Book Award for best health and wellness book for Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant: Overcoming Infertility and High Risk Pregnancy which has been translated into French and Spanish. In 2009 the book was released in its 20th anniversary edition, under the title, Your High Risk Pregnancy: A Practical and Supportive Guide updated in collaboration with Dr. Errol Norwitz of Yale School of Medicine.

For more information, please visit her website:

and blog:

5 thoughts on “The Story Behind Healing With Words by Diana Raab

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  2. I think journalling is a great release for the soul no matter why you’re doing it. I started a journal for my thoughts and feelings trying to get past an eating disorder and it has already been an amazing process for me.

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