Inspiration Behind the Story in Black Child to Black Woman by Cheryl Bannerman

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The Story Behind the Book asked Cheryl Bannerman, author of Black Child to Black Woman where she got the insipiration for her novel. This is what she had to say.

Cheryl: The inspiration for my book came from life experiences of myself, friends of mine and absolute strangers that I’ve struck up conversations with. That collage of memories from other’s experiences and the emotions of my own experiences about family, loves, pains, and pleasures, inspired me to want to write and share with the world. I’ve always written my feelings and experiences in a journal since I was a little girl, and even encourage my own daughter to do the same, so the concept came easily for me. A combination of the little girl writing in her journal all the way through to adulthood, sharing, laughing, and crying, summarizes the entire book’s concept.

About Cheryl Bannerman

Cheryl McNeil (pen name, Cheryl D. Bannerman, her birth name) is CEO of a small virtual training company based out of Central New Jersey. She works out of her home office and creates classroom training materials, e-Learning modules, job aides and much more for corporate employees and their clients. She holds a Bachelors in Business Management and a Masters in Project Management. She is also the (divorced) single mother of a beautiful eleven year old girl.

In her spare time she loves to read murder mysteries, watch movies, try new restaurants and cuisines, shop with her daughter, and in the summer, walk the boardwalk and take in the sun on the beach. Although her works are fiction, she has incorporated many of her life’s experiences into her stories. Black Child to Black Woman is her first novel.

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