The Story Behind Finding God: To Believe or Not to Believe by Nicholas Oliva

After I published my first book, a novel called “Only Moments” I decided to press on with a non-fiction book that documented my Near Death Experience that was written in that book ten years earlier before it actually happened to me.. I wanted to share those incredible things I’ve had been through with my NDE and how it revealed to me that the core of my beliefs were really right in line with what I went through.  This reinforcement of my life’s search renewed the vigor of discovery within me and regardless of the medical problems that I face daily, I live life knowing what is to come and unafraid of death. This concept grew into a much wider subject as I found myself exploring the world of science, religion and atheism and integrating them into the aspects of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century physics. Posing many questions about the realm of our existence, I stress the importance of promoting humanity without exclusionary elements of human prejudice. These and many other contemporary issues are combined with the latest scientific and philosophic theories in the search for real truth of subjects that have brought down entire empires in bloodlust, and have each of us pondering the eternal “Why?”


We are in the second century since the collision of science and religion. One is based in empirical evidence; the other is based on thousands of years of pure faith. The book utilizes pop icons and imagery and humor to break up the usual scholarly and tedious reads that usually surround this subject. The book, eventually entitled “Finding God: To Believe or Not To Believe was focused to speak to part of a contemporary worldwide groundswell for what constitutes the thirst for “truth” of religion/spiritualism. I attempt to build a bridge between atheism and the turn of growth to extreme fundamental Christianity and other religions. I tried to promote a common sense attitude that we do not have all the answers as to an existence of the essential force of our lives. The human race finds itself constantly at war for a cause that has absolutely no empirical data that can prove anything either way. People are looking for a sane intelligent answer to the question “why” and this book helps define the individual and their place in this universe while showing the real abuse of power and myth now and throughout the centuries.


The book also includes details of the repeated sexual abuse I received as a child of ten years-old from a Catholic Pastor, the motivation of fear as tool of empowerment, and the contemporary philosophies as well as the latest theoretical physics concerning God, quantum theory, and theories of the creation of the universe.


The chapters are entitled:

To Dream, Perchance to Live

The Here and Now School of Philosophy 101


Ex-Christians, Atheists, and Christians, Oh My! (Or Let Us Go, Once More Into The Breach, My Friends)

The Futile Human Attempts of Spiritual Control

The History of the Christian Bible for the Last 1700 Years

(or that Black Book You’re Holding Isn’t What You Think It Is)

The Experience

In Conclusion

Along the relatively short path of human existence our species has embraced religion, atheism, and science. Few will undertake the difficulty in understanding the history of their own particular religion and to be able to find truth and objectivity in published material about this subject is a monumental task unto itself. Then, if one tries to integrate orthodox religious dogma with the aspects of Twentieth and Twenty-first Century physics it is no wonder that many have chosen to step backwards and reinforce the beliefs of a time when there was much less confusion or ambiguity – before The Age of Enlightenment in the 1800’s. I chose to present many questions about the realm of our existence, and stress the importance of promoting positive aspects of humanity without exclusionary elements of human prejudice that foster hate and divisiveness.


Finding God: To Believe or Not to Believe delves into the formation and history of Christianity and the role of the ruling class which combined a Church/State series of governing throughout the last seventeen hundred years. It follows hundreds of centuries of the practice of the God/King rulers. Tracing back the origin and use of the Bible from the its inception as ordered by King Constantine in the 4th Century, this book shares how it changed over hundreds of years to the present day version of the King James Edition.


We have come so far as a species and it is pure folly to allow it all to crumble for the failure to agree to disagree over a subject with no empirical data either way. The choice to move on is ours alone, one person at a time. Hang on as your perfectly ordered world is shaken and stirred – if you have an open mind to believe what is real and allow for possibilities of the yet unknown.

All of this being said on such a heady subject, I have tried to write this in a non-scholarly, at times humorous and hopefully interesting, but easily digestible way. I’m sure there will be some indigestion occurring with those who will remain opposed to logical thought, irrational fear, and immovable theology. Bon appétit to those of diverse palates.

# # #

Nicholas Oliva (O-lee-va’) has been a musician, writer, poet, photographer, an audio engineer, an Entertainment and Technical Director for over twenty-five years.

His first book, Only Moments, was published in 2007, which was a novel that followed the lifetime journey of the professional musical career of a husband and wife team to the year 2020.

His latest book is Finding God: To Believe or Not To Believe, now available at as well as Barnes and Noble and will be available in the Kindle Store soon. To visit the website go to Mr. Oliva’s other Websites are OnlyMoments and for his first book Only Moments by Nick Oliva.  You can find him on Facebook as well on either the book page  Facebook | Finding God: To Believe or Not To Believe or his home page

Oliva lives in the quiet mountains of Nevada.


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