The Story Behind Life Choices by Judi Moreo

The Life Choices series came about because I had recorded two CD’s entitled “Attitude Is A Choice” and “Communication is a Choice” and I started thinking about what other choices we make in our lives. So I decided to write a book entitled, “Life Choices.” As I was writing about people who had made some very difficult choices, it dawned on me that they could tell their stories better than I could. I contacted several people who said they would like to tell their story and the first Life Choices book was born, “Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths.” When I put out the call for stories, I received so many wonderful stories, I decided to do a series and now we have “Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together.”

These twenty-six authors in each of these books wrote their stories (even though in some cases it was extremely painful to do so) in order to give others the gift of hope, to let people know they are not alone, and to encourage others to consider all their choices before making decisions. Several of them told me that writing their stories helped them to heal old wounds. These stories are not written to give advice, only encouragement and hope that the readers can find a way to put the pieces of their lives together. Each reader has their own story and they are the author of its ending.

Everything in our lives exists because we made a choice about something. Our choices can either be exactly right for us or very, very wrong. They can help us accomplish our goals or keep us from them.

We all have choices. They are the source of the degree of success or failure we have. We can discover opportunities in the most difficult experiences if we are willing to look for them. We can choose to believe things happen for a reason. It is what we choose to think about each experience that determines how we respond to it. How we respond determines whether or not we find richer, more purposeful, more joyful lives. We are the only ones who can choose our attitudes and the principles that we live by. If we want to have successful lives, we must choose well.

We can begin to live a new life any day we choose. It doesn’t mean our old lives go away. It means we’ve started down a new path. Developing new beliefs isn’t always easy. We have to commit to it. We have to work at it every day. Like any other journey we may take, we will come across roadblocks, dead ends, and detours. We may even run out of gas. But we have the power to make the choice of which direction we will take and whether or not to complete the journey.

Life is a succession of choices. You have the ability to choose. Don’t choose to spend your life wallowing in negativity, failure, ignorance, poverty, shame, or self-pity. Choose instead to let go of old hurts and belief systems. Choose instead to raise your sights, develop new belief systems and reach for the success that you desire. Reading these stories will let you know that you are not alone, that others have been where you are. Some of them have had far worse situations and circumstances than you will ever have….and yet they have survived and become successful people. It they can do it, so can you!

Judi Moreo, CSP, is the publisher and one of the 26 authors in this book, Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together. She is also the author of the best selling book, You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power, and its companion, Achievement Journal. She is a Certified Speking Professional (fewer than 10% of the speakers in the world hold this designation), an award-winning businesswoman and motivational speaker. Her superb talent for customizing programs to meet organizational needs has gained her a prestigious following around the world. Her passion for living an extraordinary life is mirrored in her zeal for helping others realize their potential and achieve their goals as you can see by the 26 stories of the co-authors in this book. With her dynamic personality and style, she is an unforgettable speaker, inspiring motivator, and an exceptional writing and speaking coach. Visit the book’s website at


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