Have Stress Relief Now Website Virtual Book Tour

Have Stress Relief Now Website Virtual Book Tour

Name: Tinisha Johnson

Name of Website: “Have Stress Relief Now”
My writing has had a lot to do with me launching my site Have Stress Relief Now.

My difficult journey started as a being an overweight child, looking back on it. But to fast forward, my difficulties seemed to get worse in my early twenties as a single mom in 2000.


During my difficult time as a single mom I started writing a journal which would later turn into my self-help book entitled Lessons Learned which wouldn’t be published until January 2010. Lessons Learned talks about 10 life lessons I learned. It is catered towards women of color. However, the concept of the book would benefit any woman searching for answers to many tough questions as it relates to their identify and  their personal and professional life in general.


I originally thought of starting the site Have Stress Relief Now in 2009 through a compilation of blogs, which are no longer live. These blogs and journal entries were all about how to relieve stress from your personal and professional life. The ideas were based off what I’d done personally to get through some difficult times in my own personal life, and research I read on the subject of stress and depression.


It wasn’t until April 2011 that I went ahead and bought the domain for my site and launched the site. My dedication with the site is to aid growth in people’s lives and provide content that will help provide great tips on how to relieve stress in many areas of life. You can learn more about Have Stress Relief Now at www.havestressreliefnow.com. You can learn more about my book Lessons Learned at my personal site: www.tinishanicolejohnson.com

About Stress Relief Now


Have Stress Relief Now is about helping YOU!  Ever have too much to do, and not enough time? Interested in shedding a few pounds? Wonder what’s the most effective way to organize both your personal and professional life? Interested in finding that someone special or improving your current relationship? If you’ve ever pondered on questions like these, then Have Stress Relief Now is for you. The site provides you with resources to manage your personal and professional life.

Tinisha wanted to make the information she provides through this site diverse, because let’s face it, everyone’s problems and stress are sometimes different and unique. There’s no doubt that stress will enter your life, but how you manage it makes all the difference in the world.  This site will introduce you to all types of articles, services, and products that are of high quality and have proven results.

Tinisha has benefited personally from mostly all the articles, and many of the services and products she recommends. Visit the website and get connected, and Have Stress Relief Now!

Visit the site: www.HaveStressReliefNow.com


During the month of May, “Have Stress Relief Now,” will be giving away a $40 and $10 Amazon Gift Card, along with a free Ebook entitled “How to Manage Stress Before it Manages You.” Both give-a-ways will be accessible through the winners email.

There will be a total of 2 winners. 1st winner will win a $40 Amazon Gift Card and a free Ebook. 2nd prize winner will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a free copy of the Ebook.



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