Don’t Let the Secret Out – a memoir of survival, courage, hope and love


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Name: Jessamine Rose


Name of Book: Don’t Let The Secret Out



Guest Post for The Story Behind the Book:



“Don’t let the secret” is nonfiction.

Rape, witnessed murder, suffered starvation and homelessness. These evil things happened to me when I was young. I pushed it all into the back of my mind in a special place I though I had locked it up forever.

I never talked about these things happening to me. I keep all these things a secret for 73 years. They were so far back in my mind it was hard for me to think about them. When I did the nightmares were beyond anything you can imagine.  I would wake up screaming and crying, Uncontrollable shaking.

One night my husband suggested I would write down on paper what was causing these nightmares.  I got up out of bed went to the computer and began to type as fast as my fingers would move.

The words seemed to flow through my mind like a beautiful slow running river.

I sat there reading what I had written. I didn’t think I would ever be able to stop crying.

There it was, what I didn’t want to ever come out it was there on paper, there on the computer. This was my nightmare. How did I ever survive? I give all credit to God, He saw me through.

All of a sudden the world seemed to be a different place. I felt a calmness I had never felt before. I was at piece. This was a beginning. Tomorrow I will start again, hoping I could bring out more from that deep dark place in my mind where I had locked all these evil things that had happened to me.

I went back to bed and sleep like a baby, no nightmares the rest of the night.

I woke up and jumped out of bed run to the computer started to type. I finished the book in 3 months. I shared it with my closet friends.

Every one encouraged me to get it published. Everyone though it may help others that had been abused. I gave this some though and hope in my heart I would touch someone, give them some hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I still have nightmares but not as often.

I still have many things still locked up in that special place in my mind. Maybe some day I can get up in the middle of the night sat down and put them on the computer.

With God’s help I sent it to a polisher BearHead in Louisville, Ky. I received an answer right away; they had an interest to publish it. Nov. 16, 2010 my book was published.


About Don’t Let the Secret Out

  Jessamine Rose offers readers a glimpse into her life. She was born in 1937, in a small town in eastern Kentucky. For many her upbringing will seem foreign but for some it will sound all too familiar. The family’s cabin was cold, the cracks in the floor made it impossible to heat. The bathroom was an outhouse. Her father often beat her mother. Her father shot her mother to scare her. At one point the family lived under a cliff. In the hills of eastern Kentucky “you could shoot a dog and spend a year in jail, shoot a man and nothing.” She faced sexual abuse, beatings, neglect and yet rose above it all. She was a mere 6 years old the first time she was raped. Her mother gave away her young brother and sister. Jassamine made her escape in the back of an ice truck, she was less than 14. She ended up living in a park in Ohio.

Her teen years weren’t much better suffering at the hands of authority. Her life finally changed for the better when she met the love of her life and life began anew.  Jessamine searches for her family and tries to reconcile her past memories with those who had wronged her. Jessamine faced many hardships in her life. Yet her memoir is upbeat, despite her childhood beginnings.

You can find Jessamine at her tour page at Pump Up Your Book

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