The Story Behind ‘When Stars Align’ by Carole Eglash-Kosoff

When Stars Align is a historic fiction that describes societal changes that were wrought by the Civil War and its aftermath.  In 1865 General Grant moved 200,000 troops into the Confederate States to enforce equality during Reconstruction.  During the decade that followed ex-slaves made major progress in education, government and business.  States legislated equality and everyone seemed to benefit.

This period of progress ended when the closest election in American history made it impossible to determine whether Rutherford Hayes or James Tilden won the election.  Ultimately, the Compromise of 1877 was achieved in a ‘back-room’ compromise that withdrew all Union troops from Southern soil and returned those states to home rule.   Within a decade all progress toward racial equality had been overturned and the ex-slaves were returned to status as secondary citizens.

The story is set at a Louisiana cotton plantation, Moss Grove, and told through the eyes of Thaddeus, born from the rape of a young slave girl by, Henry, the teenage son of the plantation owner and the forbidden love that evolves between him and Amy, a white girl.

We follow both Henry and Thaddeus through actual Civil war battles, such as Port Hudson.  Post Civil War events such as the riot at New Orlean’s Mechanics Hall, the raid at Coushetta and the election of Blanche Bruce, Negro Senator.  We meet Scalawags, Klan leaders and those who spent their lives bent over harvesting cotton.

The effects of the Compromise of 1877 is rarely studied and yet it changed the course of America’s society for nearly a century.

An avid student of history, Carole Eglash-Kosoff is a native of Wisconsin. After graduating from UCLA, she spent her career in the apparel industry and teaching fashion retail, marketing, and sales at the college level. Her first book is The Human Spirit. She has also established the …a better way!Scholarship program, which provides money and mentoring for worthy high school students for both their first and second year of college. Carole Eglash-Kosoff lives and writes in Valley Village, California.

Her latest book is When Stars Align.

You can visit her website at or connect with her at Facebook at

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