The Story Behind ‘Goddess Mother Speaks’ by Blanca Beyar

The inspiration to compose “Goddess Mother Speaks” came to me as a direct insight and message from the Goddess Mother. As a spiritual Guru, I spend much time communing with the God Force through meditation and contemplation. Over the years of development, I began to develop an attunement to certain higher frequencies such as the Ascended Masters and the Mother Goddess.

A month or two before I began to receive the dictation for my book, I began to hear the calling to prepare myself to begin writing the book. At first I hesitated and attempted to ignore the message. However, the more I resisted hearing the calling, the more validations and messages I would receive. Finally in March of 2011 I sat down to listen and the insight for the book just flowed.

I am glad that I finally surrendered to the calling of being a vessel for this book. I truly am graced by the messages it delivers and hope that it becomes a best-seller because that will mean that many, many people have read this timely and powerful spiritual message.

Thank you,

Blanca Beyar


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