The Story Behind The Final Victim by Larry Jukofsky


Name: Larry Jukofsky


Name of Book: The Final Victim


Guest Post for The Story Behind the Book:


Q: How did you come up with idea to write your book?


Having read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the only original as far as vampires are concerned, I realized that all post Dracula literature have been based on the same premise and habits of these creatures. Ever since, I wanted to use the basic idea, but differentiate my creature from the routine monsters, therefore, my creature has a Jewish origin and is unaffected by the repellents of the usual variety. The need for blood to survive does not exist in the creature it only helps in explaining some of the tragic events in my story.  There is no usual sneaking into bedrooms to violate sleeping damsels.  The victims deserve their fate as explained later in the story. The protagonists are quite different as well,  we have a red-necked southern cop, a Hispanic doctor, his Kenyan wife, and a rabbi; that’s very different from any other vampire opponents.


About the Book

He cursed the Germans at the moment of his death in the death camp in Poland during World War II, that he would seek his revenge.  Fifty years later, he is unearthed, perfectly preserved and his body shipped to South Carolina island where he will be re-buried and officially recognized as the tribute to the massacre of the Jewish people in World War II.  While in transport on the island he rises from the dead and stalks his first victim which is the German soldier who thinks he had done a successful job of hiding in public. Having changed his name, getting rid of his accent and being the largest donor to the Jewish memorial, this one man Karl Licht is hunted and killed.

The police of this small tourist town are completing baffled about this mysterious death. The only evidence at the scene is what they have labeled as a big dog print, but the question remains who or what killed this man? Why and how did it enter a locked house without leaving prints? Why is there no blood at the scene or in the body?  What is the motive for the killing of this prominent citizen? Is this a serial killing? From the death camps in Poland to the steamy shores of South Carolina, the author guides you through a macabre vampire tale of murder, intrigue, and revenge in “The Final Victim.”




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