The Story Behind ‘My Heart Stopped Beating’ by Chamed

My book “My Heart Stopped Beating” tells a tragic story, one that happened between 1965 and 1979. It is my story.

I was a happy girl, before my aunt devastated me so much in what I think was the most horrible suffering that humans can imagine. I entered into a vortex of pain with no way out.

At only 14 years, though I was an innocent, sweet, polite girl, I was committed to an asylum and I was closed in the pavilion 14, the one for the dangerous patients, where I was administered electric shock.I went into a coma due to this treatment, which actually is not a treatment, but torture.

You have terrible pain, memory loss and muscles contractions, nausea, convulsions, fainting, involuntary defecation and urination, stiffening of muscles and damage to teeth, as well as serious mental injury. This is described by some as a rape of your brain.

I decided to write my book two years ago, when I was insulted once again and beaten. With prohibitions to pass along a particular street, whenever I did I was ridiculed and threatened, and one time I was beaten. What hurt me weren’t the blows, but the look of my son, who was then ten years old. I had been beaten in front of my baby. I was reliving the past again.

I came home and I began to clean up. While tidying my room, I found one of my diaries and began to read it. My past was still alive. I felt so bad. I looked in the mirror, I saw the face was scratched, a sharp pain in my chest, a lump in my throat. I thought that everyone needed to know what these human beings had done to me when I was fourteen years old. And if they did it to me, they can and will do it to other people.

I wrote my book in the hope it will help raise the awareness of people.


Chamed is not the registry office name of the author, yet it is not a pseudonym. She lives in Tuscany, she works mostly abroad, as a painter on canvas and porcelain. Some of her porcelain works are displayed in exhibitions in Italy, Sweden and Poland, France, Portugal and Brazil. My Heart Stopped Beating is her first novel. A second novel by her is forthcoming.


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