While There is Still Time – author interview – Terrell Dunnum

While There is Still Time Book Tour

Name: Terrell Dunnum


Name of Book: While There Is Still Time, A Book Of Prophecy Revealed Through Poetry


Guest Post for The Story Behind the Book:


The inspiration for writing the book, While There Is Still Time, came from a series of events that transferred what many people would be consider a dream  into the actuality of reality. Writing a book was not something I set out to do. In fact, writing was a requirement for obtaining my master’s degree in Christian Counseling. Enrolling in such courses as Faith and Life in Counseling, Holy Spirit and Power, and Spiritual Authority, took me to spiritual levels I did not know was possible. Each course was as stepping stone, they brought challenges that made me think outside the box. Every course required an extensive amount of reading and research.


Writing research papers was something I was not accustomed to doing. I had written one research paper with the help of a friend as a freshman during college. I realized I needed to obtain a computer and a printer to turn in typed assignments which seemed to come on a regular basis. In my dilemma, with limited funds, I knew I had to do something and something quickly. It was a Friday evening and the thought of finding a computer at a garage seemed to penetrate my mind. The next morning I headed to the nearest Seven Eleven store to purchase a Saturday newspaper. To my amazement, there happened to be a neighborhood garage sale which was about a fifteen minute drive away. Within minute I had located a house that was selling very nice computers out of his garage for $150.00. During that time, computers were around fifteen hundred dollars new. I quickly paid for my $150.00 used computer, which was the exact amount I had budgeted, and headed home a happy camper. These incidents began to occur on a regular basis. I would desire or pray for a need, head out to a garage sale or thrift store, and find exactly what I was hoping to find. I quickly realized there was a greater force than I at work in my life.


I had mentioned earlier of the courses I took at American Bible College and Seminary that challenged me. Well there was one course that changed my life immeasurably. The Spiritual Authority course was a course that brought me to a greater level of spiritual understanding. This course delved into the authority Christians have as believers. It covered faith which works by love. The course was accompanied by a course in deliverance ministry. It allowed all the students to sit in and take part in seeing the miraculous work of God take place within the confines of a church building. Witnessing the healing virtue of God impact an individual’s life was better than eating grandma’s apple pie. To see a women walk into a church depressed and confused, and walk out whole and happy was an experience that all the money in the world can’t buy.


Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Deliverance requires a great deal of faith and love coupled with the ability to hear and be led by the Holy Spirit. Throughout my years of attending prophetic conferences and deliverance conferences, I witnessed many people desiring a personal word or direction from guest speakers. Deep down inside, I had a secret desire myself. My desire was that every individual would have such a personal relations with God, through the fellowship of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, that they would never leave a church conference or any other religious assembly feeling lost or unfulfilled.


Seeking a closer walk God, I attended a workshop at the Christian International Ministries in Florida. The workshop challenged you in finding ways to hear that still small voice. Some people refer to this as an intuition or sixth sense. As I delved into the word of God and the opportunities that is offered to every Christian, it brought new meaning and insight. The workshop opened up a new world for me and helped me to understand that just as God communicated with Adam in the Garden of Eden, so could he now with every born again believer. This experience was life changing and took me in a direction that brought about the book, While There Is Still Time.


I believe God gives us the desires of our hearts. Having a book that would minister emotional healing to individuals of all walks of life was a desire  deep within. While There Is Still Time, A Book of Prophecy Revealed Through Poetry is a message that was birthed from a series of events. It was those accumulation of events that prepared me as a receptive vessel. There are special messages and plans that manifest themselves in God’s perfect timing. Having an open mind and a willing heart can help you fulfill those plans. The key is faith, hope, and love.

Visit the author’s website at www.whilethereisstilltime.com



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