The Story Behind The Pub Across the Pond by Mary Carter

Today we are hosting Mary Carter, author of the women’s fiction novel, The Pub Across the Pond (Kensington) who is going to tell us her back story!

I was finishing up my fourth novel, My Sister’s Voice, when my editor asked what I’d like to write next. At the time, I was dating an Irishman and hanging out at an Irish pub in New York. I’ve always loved the Irish culture, and quite honestly had always been enamored by Irish men. Who knows why, the accent, the wit, the charm, the sarcasm, the intelligence—an uncanny ability for quick and funny responses, the love of a good time, etc. etc. But there was also often a down side to the charm. At least the Irishmen I had dated had a moody side as well which was just as frustrating as the charm was endearing. So that’s part of the backstory. The second part was that I had been planning a trip to Ireland with my boyfriend, so I knew I would be able to do research for the book at the same time. The third factor that brought it all together was the contest that Guinness used to run. I remember sitting in bars or restaurants ten or so years ago and seeing an advertisement: WIN A PUB IN IRELAND. Guinness held this contest for five years, and so five lucky Americans won a pub in Ireland. I would often sit and fantasize about how fantastic this would be. I could imagine myself receiving the news, then packing up my old life to start a brand new adventure. Unfortunately, I never did win the contest. But I have something better, The Pub Across the Pond. From now on, whenever I want to pretend I own a pub in Ireland, I’ll just have to re-read the book!

MARY CARTER is a freelance writer and novelist.  The Pub Across the Pond is her fifth novel with Kensington. Her other works include:  My Sister’s Voice, Sunnyside Blues, She’ll Take It, and Accidentally Engaged.  In addition to her novels she has written two novellas: A Very Maui Christmas in the best selling anthology Holiday Magic, and The Honeymoon House in the best selling anthology Almost Home. She is currently working on a new novel for Kensington.

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