The Story Behind Red Hot Sky by Gordon Gumpertz

The Story Behind Red Hot Sky

By Gordon Gumpertz

The inspiration for my first novel, Tsunami, came while walking on the beach during a storm at sea. The waves were 10 to 15 feet high, broke with a great boom, and washed high up onto the beach. I tried to imagine waves ten times that size coming ashore as a tsunami. Could it happen here in Southern California? I began doing research on oceanography, seafloor geology, volcano science, and tsunami history. I constructed an action/adventure novel around such a possible but unlikely event.

My latest adventure novel, Red Hot Sky, came about after I read a report that the concentration of CO2 in the air has increased dramatically since the start of the industrial revolution 200 years ago, most of the increase coming in the last 50 years. I wondered what would happen if the CO2 level kept zooming higher and higher. Would it reach a tipping point that could cause earth’s climate to totally destabilize? I built my plot around what might happen in that scenario.

In writing my books, I try to imagine how people might behave In a stressful situation brought on by a looming natural disaster. How does a fast-approaching doomsday affect decisions, relationships, love life, and motivations? In my story, there are brave people who put their own lives in jeopardy to save others. And there are those who use the disaster to further their own devious ends, even if it means killing to get what they want. The contrasting behaviors inevitably come in head-to-head conflict and the struggle has to be resolved. Meanwhile, the unfolding disaster is a story in itself.

Tsunami was published with a small press. That was a disappointing experience, and I ended up having the publisher return all rights to me so that I could market the book properly. I’m currently selling both Tsunami and Red Hot Sky on my website where I blog on natural disasters and natural phenomena. The traffic to the website has been excellent and keeps building, as do my book sales.

Gordon Gumpertz brings fiction readers another exciting action/adventure experience in his new novel RED HOT SKY. This is the author’s second book, following his highly acclaimed novel TSUNAMI.

In addition to writing novels, Gordon has won gold and silver awards in national and regional short story competitions. He is a member of the Authors Guild, the Palm Springs Writers Guild, a UCLA graduate, and an instrument-rated private pilot. He keeps his website current by blogging on natural disasters and natural phenomena.

Gordon and his wife Jenny live not far from the San Andreas fault, where the Pacific Plate thrusts into the North American Plate, building increasingly high levels of faultline stress which, the seismologists say, may soon produce the Big One.

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